Supriem David Rockefeller


Kristopher Alan Raynes

-Investigative Full Report-

*Important Notice:

If you've ever encountered this person for one reason or another, then you definitely don't want to miss out on one word that this detailed web report has to offer, especially if you are currently someone who might be considering entering into any type of business transaction with this con-artist or any of his contacts. Because in this entire report you will learn of accurate documented verifiable court of law information records provided & about his criminal profile, his true credentials, Published official major state news agency scam reports, his real birth name, documented criminal records with verifiable case numbers, past scamming methodology and known tactics of con artist deception. The evidence is extremely overwhelming and conclusive. This report is not necessarily aimed at the public whose read about him in conspiracy blogs; which he helped facilitate himself, but to protect those who may encountered him, in one manner or another. This is a very good accurate informative report for anybody who is researching the truth about Supriem Rockefeller.

-The content within this investigative report is compiled only from credible independent information verified & official sources.-

 Above:  Self taken photo of Supriem Rockefeller from his facebook profile.

(Notice how he purposely crops out his receding hairline)

Above photo: submitted by Supriem himself to Wes Penre of in 2009, allegedly from his then recent visit to Israel; but very easy to create with Photoshop.  Lets examine this photo closer and anyone who has any Bible verse knowledge can see what he was attempting to depict here  below:

"Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion!
Shout, Daughter of Jerusalem!
See, your king comes to you,
righteous and having salvation,
gentle and riding on a donkey...."

Zechariah 9:9-10

 It even further elaborates in the New Testament specifically the Messiah coming in a purple robe just like Supriem is wearing in this picture. He is clearly trying to imply with this photo that in fact he is the Messiah. You have to ask yourself, why would anyone submit a photo like this in the midst of story that at the time was revolving around himself. As you will see;  when you read further on into the report following below.

 Warning! Don't be fooled by this Rockefeller imposter- con artist; whose real birth name is Kristopher Alan Raynes. He has legally changed his name to Supriem Rockefeller. This is a page dedicated to informing the public or any potential fraud victims by raising awareness and providing verifiable documentation about who and what this man really is.

 In early 2009 stemming from a failed attempt by Supriem to broker a misleading  financial deal (Ponzi Scheme) with the Freemason Grand Lodges in the USA and abroad; strange stories began to surface on the internet conspiracy scene about Supriem. The stories consisted largely of a man who had made so many outrageous claims; from being Lucifer to being the 2nd coming Messiah that unless you were a conspiracy nut it was hardly worth paying any attention to at all.

 Soon these unbelievable stories sparked numerous blogs and articles about Supriem Rockefeller; and one man who notably wrote about him was  Wes Penre who is also the owner and operator of the website ( a  known conspiracy web site).

 The stories began to stir up much negative outcry which in turn reflected badly upon Supriem Rockefeller, prompting people who knew him personally and people who have at least had some contact interaction with him in Nashville, Tennessee (Where he resided in his mother's house until late 2009) including one of his past scam victims to begin reporting about revealing truths that hinted at who he really is. Which in turn, eventually, sparked a fact finder probe to uncover the truth.

 Much of the controversial blogging and articles about Supriem Rockefeller have actually helped shield himself from the truth that has now been uncovered about him. To much of his own pleasure- he can easily explain most of it away to those who know him currently in New York City. He does this simply by pointing out all the other negative and outrageous claims that have been mixed up with his name; which were largely planted by his own dis-information efforts- might I add.

 So it is easy for him to say something like, "See all the other claims out there- you can't believe any of it". Well I'm afraid that is not true as with the newest  and most recent truths uncovered about him have now revealed actual documented court records with case numbers which anyone can inquire about to verify; it is public information available to all.

 In this web report, I intend to highlight the truths about Supriem Rockefeller, and to point out, the simple logic that is needed to figure this con artist out, and see him for who he really is.

Below photo: Supriem soaking up the suds NYC.

 Introduction To A Con Artist:

 When people are confronted with an overwhelming truth about themselves which they'd rather not have  known to anyone, then the only thing to do- if that is the case, is to explain it all away; perhaps over a drink and a laugh while criticizing the source of the information, which would most likely be one scenario in Supriem's case, as he regularly frequents himself in the bar scene.

 Since all the stories began on the Internet; Supriem Rockefeller has picked up a  following of internet groupies. They all seem to be either ignorant about his real identity and choose to believe his web of lies, or they simply have not read between the lines about who he really is quite yet. Thus it is time to dedicate more efforts into bringing attention to the most recent revelations stemming from a thorough credible investigation about Supriem Rockefeller and his criminal record & true birth name.

 Supriem's past criminal record and very recent financial judgment against him in Nashville, TN, supported by verifiable court record case numbers & his real Raynes family tree information, began to clearly unravel his entire web of lies with proof finally presented for the first time. Which is first recorded to have begun with his fake press releases back in 2006, re: 'Supriem Allied Bank and Trust'. We will cover all that information and in addition I will also provide contact information for the courts in Tennessee that verify this information by request over the phone.

 This really is not about proving wrong all of the outlandish claims about Supreim/Kris being the Messiah, Marduk Ra or Lucifer, or whether or not that it's true. Although it's true  he has claimed all those things before, and only now denies that he ever did, because it caught up to him, lies always do. He can easily now call all of it conjecture, and lay claim to being a victim of Slander or Libel; even use it to defend himself; because after all nobody really believes any of it in the first place. This is about revealing who he is trying to be today, and about the new documented proof that has finally exposed his web of lies since early 2000, and who he has self morphed into currently; which is really still just an extension, of who he claimed he was in the first place, he likes to imply he is a prominent figure, protected by the government. He claims to ride in armored vehicles and still says he's wealthy beyond measure; and a business man of great success, in fact even now, he denies that he is related to the true Standard Oil Rockefeller family, but he doesn't always do that, that is, if you don't ask him specifically; if he thinks, that you think, that he is in fact part of that family, then he probably won't go out of his way to correct you; you decide, his lies can change & adjust with his every breath, that's not a hard thing to do when you been at it for as long as he has.

-Supriem's Summarized Known Tricks of The Con Artist Trade.-

-The Mindset & Profile of a Pathological Liar-

-Much More Documented Evidence Will Follow Below This-

To those of you who might be taken in by his charm and deceit; I would like to interject to you that, he is a very skilled con artist, by many of the following ways and reasons. This is a very accurate assessment of the known profile and behavior pattern of the sociopath whose real birth name is Kristopher Alan Raynes. This information subject matter is compiled from those who have reported about their misfortune of interaction with him directly.

  • In addition to making contacts that are truly in the industries which he talks about; which is attained via his false impersonation of someone in the know, for the patronization of people he encounters; he later name drops important people he claims to know, he also studies and reads up about many subjects on the Internet that he will later bring to mention in an effort to create the grand illusion as to his fictitious self portrayed upper class social status of great importance- he'll gather names and any bits of information attached to a real subject of interest he's familiar with and use it with a smooth tongue, he knows how to talk the talk, especially to those who are not familiar with the things he is saying, he will simply make himself sound brilliant talking about a subject usually related to something seemingly extravagant and very important- I will name some those subjects he so commonly talks about later on in this web page.

  • Supriem is known to primarily frequent only the high society upper class social venues and functions, perhaps to rub elbows with the truly successful people, who are found in those scenes, it must boost his ego, but more importantly, it gives him the playground, to live out his masquerade as someone important himself, obviously he also does this in an effort to gain unsuspecting friends in all the right places, women and/or potential wealthy scam victims, it is also a very good place for him to flaunt his well known Rockefeller name to make a known presence for himself, combined with a first name like his made up one 'Supriem' he can't go wrong, or so he thinks.

  • Supriem is known to use the Internet often as a primary important tool that he uses to help support and promote the grand illusion which he deceptively puts forth into peoples eyes and minds about him. In recent past he used fake Press releases through unverified public free press release sites that anyone can use to post anything they want too; like this one: [We cover much more detail about the specific press release later on in the report] which now has since long been debunked, I will add informatively that anyone can incorporate a company name for around a 100 dollars these days with absolutely no questions asked, it's very simple to do, but moving on; nothing in that press release he made could be verified to exist but he claims the other businesses in mention in the release did it without his knowledge, and it's funny how they can't be verified to exist either, in fact his fictitious company S.D. Rockefeller Holdings wasn't even incorporated yet in Delaware when this press release was made up and now the company has long since been listed on state records as voided & canceled for non payment, the company was never worth anything on State records or having any stock, but still owning delinquent back taxes. We'll cover more about this later, but the point is he has used the internet to his advantage. Now that; that exact method is exposed he is probably using it in different unknown similar way, one of his now popular ways is utilizing facebook- where he portrays himself as a rich business man, who is tied to the government and high tech industry etc, those are his most common industries he lies about being part of.

  • Supriem is not college educated nor does he have an MBA or any formal financial training, although he can sound like he knows very much about the banking industry indeed, name dropping important financial figures, talking about market strategies, financial products, you get the idea, but in all reality he is only self taught in all he knows, for his trade of deception specifically one can only assume, much of his early knowledge of the financial industry and interest thereof was first inspired by and came from a then close friend of his named 'Jaden Von Jordan' back in the early 2000's, who is actually a very successful Ivy league financial manager today, as well as back then, when he first befriended Supriem, he most likely became the first unintended teacher of Supriem's financial knowledge which gave him the ability to skate by the unsuspecting; pretending to be someone who is either in the industry or well informed. His close friend Jaden had made a post on Disclose.TV clearly revealing his friends real name as Kris Raynes found here:

  •  Supriem has successfully used outlandish disinformation previously planted by him unintended at the time; to now mask the real true recent information that is available out there about him; in order to distort the reports; that are factual about him and give himself denial room too explain it away as just one of the many bad things said about him; when after all it's the gods honest truth revealing who he really is , one must simply sift through the crazy info that he planted himself; there unto the verifiable sequence of records and events of his life, which he now speaks against; in his desperate personal effort trying only to obscure the records provided about him and his past; which in reality is all totally true and real, all of the facts are easily verifiable, if someone really wants to know, it only takes a little scrutiny and a phone call.

  • Supriem will often hide behind a phantom "third party" of his mention when dealing with his fake business deals, he's not stupid, he leaves a way out and room for denial, he may create a fake name & web presence for this phantom which also may include some kind of real business entity to bolster the appeal, and he makes sure he stays away from any and all legal accountability, he'd rather not risk it, he relies upon trust and people willing to act on his word and a handshake, after all he has that important name backing it all.
  • Supriem likes to boast about "his" Swiss Trust Company hosting big socialite engagements at prominent well know high class venues or important places like The United Nations Building etc., has anyone personally ever seen this happen or just heard about it?
  • Supriem likes to imply or claim he is connected to top secret societies such as the 'Bilderberg Group', Freemasons etc. when that can't be further from the truth, in fact he has been laughed at and shunned for his claims by many such organizations .
  • Supriem is known to launder the money of his felonious scamming enterprises, by using Ebay to create fake Art auctions, in which he is his own best customer, that bids on his fake swap meet artwork for illegally inflated sums of money, thus laundering his money from the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service, he has to clean his money somehow.
  • Supriem fancies the fine Art industry and he is skilled in many various ways to scam it, or he just claims he is a collector of fine pieces of expensive Art; depending on who he is dealing with in the industry and what respect, claiming he owns expensive fine art is also his way of indirectly eluding to his supposed great wealth and he knows it, but  there are indeed many methods; to scam and profit from it, he has been known to scam struggling artistes for money as described by one of his victims who wrote about it here: I will also note that this victim who wrote about being scammed by Supriem was scammed in the city of Franklin, Tennessee ( South of Nashville) which is the same geographical area in close proximity to where Supriem; who was then Kris Raynes, was arrested for robbing his cash till as a cashier at the time, coincidence? I don't think so, I will elaborate more about this as we go along. But it shows his knowledge and intent to scam the art industry.

Above photo: Supriem's bare hand rubbing his supposed Piet Mondrian painting, that he allegedly collected, as posted in his own facebook page. (He also likes to flaunt his "Eye of Ra" tattoo on his hand often, as if it's some how signifigent or something.)

To the left: Recently Supriem has posted this picture on his facebook page posted with the following message:

" Our very rare Piet Mondrian painting. Appraisal will be done this week but due to the period of his life and rare design scheme, it should be appraised around $6-10 million based on other Mondrian paintings."

[He so often likes to imply; that he's very wealthy beyond measure.]

He says "Our.." is that his usual way out of the lie I'm detecting?

Well after running this picture by real credible official  Art experts in NYC; whom have a current complete catalog listing of all Piet Mondrian's very well long time established known paintings, they had said; that this is definitely not any kind of authentic Piet Mondrian painting on record, nor even his style of painting, of course Supreim said it was a very "rare" painting; his usual way to deny it; if he just might later on need too. Or perhaps the experts are in the dark. The pattern is simply always sustained with him, nothing ever checks out to be ligament, feel free to check it out for yourself. [By emailing this photo to any crediable art expert entity]  Ask yourself, who'd be touching a painting with their own contaminated bare filthy hands like this picture shows; which is worth millions in the first place? There's no excuse; people who own authentic fine art worth millions just don't do that.

  •  Supriem heavily relies upon his legally changed name of 'Supriem David Rockefeller' from 'Kristopher Alan Raynes' to open doors of opportunity for potential profit or gain of some kind; if his name was Joe Shmoe, heck,  he wouldn't get half the attention he does by his name being what it is now; and he knows that fact very well; he counts on it, he didn't self pick that name for no reason.
  • Although Supriem openly denies only now any connection to the true Rockefeller family he has been confirmed to saying that he is connected to the real 'David Rockefeller Sr." of the true Standard Oil family of Rockefellers, from the source and other published blogs according to Wes Penre of & Disclose TV, later the official attorney for the Rockefeller family did respond in total rejection of his claim.

  • Supriem may openly bring to mention to anyone who knows him personally; that all the reports about him on the internet, are in blame, to unjust slander & Libel against him; all in a willful conscious effort only to draw attention away from any real possibility, that any of it could be true; he especially hates, the court case numbered, verifiable documented, records of proof, that reveal who, and what he is; which he to this day attempts too stray far away from; at all cost.  Ask yourself what could be his motive to do that?  When in fact the true negative reports are all very true and he himself contributed too them, and now that they are documented & verifiable, he will try to perhaps convince you otherwise, and win your favor of opinion to side with him in a laugh or drink, but when you evaluate it yourself logically, and think for just a moment; then it is all very possible and feasible; not out of the realm of possibility at all, in fact mostly all claims on the internet were fostered by him, whether he admits it or not, he planted the seeds for all that is said, and he did so in a fashion he could later on deny any involvement too if need be, he is not stupid, he always has a way out with words, but who really has seen any proof beyond his own word that what he is saying is true? Where is the real proof? If proof relies upon a smooth tongue or fast words then he has proved it, but is there any sustained actual proof of his status and his big ties to important people beyond his word? I think not, if anyone has any solid witness to all his riches or evidence of his wealth, then please say so with proof, has anyone seen his yacht, or his mansion, or how about has anyone seen him with any real celebrities, or people of importance? Where is his expensive automobiles? Nobody has ever seen anything of the sort, not even a photo exist of any such thing;  these are  many valid questions, we must know and see proof of, we are all waiting for those questions to be answered.  

  • While patting you on the back or shaking your hand in praise & friendship; perhaps while tipping a drink at the bar with him, Supriem will strategically in due time try and convince you in no certain terms or words; necessarily, that knowing him in fact is a privilege and honor and that dealing with him or just knowing him is in your best interest, he will do this ever so methodically, skillfully and subtly with well placed timely words that inspire you to act in his favor or by his word of suggestion alone, you'll never see it coming at all, he'll make sure that your not even suspicious before he feeds you this line of deceit, beware, this is just one of his usual tactics, usually only if you appear to be receiving of him openly as someone important, but more importantly if you seem to be worth something to him in some aspect or way- he will have first assessed that factor, therefore you must have value , for him to even get this far with you.

  •    Supriem is thee master of implying, he understands and knows very well just exactly what kind of information or pictures that could be challenged and defeated under any simple examination of scrutiny; it's always possible to lie without even stating a single word; therefore he is the master of implying the same notion without the risk of ever being proven wrong, remember he always leaves a way out for himself, always and he likes to make posts on his facebook page praising/announcing major commercial financial mergers or new technology news bulletins, just too imply he has some stake in it, doesn't imply rhyme with "lie"?  Here is a couple other examples proving my point as well:

 To the left: Here is a picture of Supriem posing with someone who has a cropped out face posted by him on his own facebook page, hmmm, who is it? Someone might ask. Notice: That he purposely & strategically leaves the shape of the head & chin in the cropped photo? If I myself were protecting someones identity honestly; I would have just certainly cropped out the whole enitre image; there's plenty of room to do that in that picture, or not even used it at all, oh but he has a working  motive here, as common sense logic would dictate the obvious because he's using it in the first place, but that's not the way he expects people to think about it, he knows people will wonder to some kind of conclusion eluding to an  important different possibility of it being someone important. This could be a very easy "insert a head image on another body technique" to reproduce with photoshop software, then crop it just enough to leave a hint of who it might be- and make all onlookers wonder, however this is not David Rockefeller Sr. posing with Kris, as he always parts his hair on the other side, but you can see how Supriem is implying it is.

Now notice: Here is a known picture of David Rockefeller Sr. of the real Standard Oil Rockefeller Family, see how that the facial structure similarities imply, that it might be David Rockefeller Sr. in the cropped photo that Supriem posted, and that is exactly Supriem's style of deception, he always leaves a way out for denial if need be, he is only implying, but still very clever and deceptive, when in truth this type of picture is very easy to produce with Photoshop as I said before, it's cropped out just enough to make it seem more believable, mysterious, possible to be David Rockefeller Sr., we must remember the rebuke and denial of the Rockefeller family attorney, they stated there is no connection to Supreim Rockefeller and the true Rockefeller family, and lets reason if David Rockefeller Sr. was alone in a bar in his 90's and was going to pose with Supriem in the first place, then he wouldn't have minded if it was posted, Supreim certainly would have loved the joint photo that supported his Rockefeller claim,  so you can see what I mean here that he is only implying, but how could you prove he is? thus he is a master of what he does, you have to examine the details of fact, like why did he leave some of the face in the cropped picture? Supriem loves to play the part so he will imply wherever and whenever he can, that's the Supriem standard.

  •  Supriem is a master at CGI (computer generated images) Photoshop images to be more specific; just a simple software to use for anybody (computer manipulated images), he knows how to make images that are fake, as do many 13 year old's who use the software; but he so does it, on a scale to make himself look important,  you can only realize how easy it is to do, if you understood how easy it is to do, then you'd understand his methodology.
  • Supriem will often imply he is associated by business contract or otherwise with the U.S. Federal Government e.g. U.S Defense Department/ NASA etc. he also likes to associate himself with The United Nations claiming sometimes that his trust company from Switzerland (that doesn't really exist) holds dinner engagements at the United Nations building in NYC, if there's any real proof otherwise, let it be known.

  • Supriem has made press releases talking about his fictitious company S.D. Rockefeller Holdings  (which has been proven by Delaware State Records to not exist anymore) in this press releases: In a joint venture with Frantech? Who's that? One would have to ask them self, why would the past introduction of the Euro currency back then be worldwide news and on every major news cable network but the' Supriem Global Clear Worldwide Network' which is fostering in and introducing a new monetary currency called the "Allied Unit" was only mentioned on free public internet only press release sites? It's kind of obvious and easy to know why even if you have only a slight bit of intelligence, it's no lie that this happened, or slander or disinformation, it's 100% true, this is what Supriem himself released in 2006 long before the newest most recent stories emerged about him, it only lends valid credence to his established known motives and behavioral pattern, he's always been in the mindset and illusion of a big time new world order big time important person, that's just his gig.
  • Supriem is not really your prince charming in the good looks department, with his receding hairline, and cleft chin, alcoholism, and just his looks over all must really bring a challenge to him when he is trolling for sex, it's quite obvious without his big fancy sounding fake name, or all the lies he tells, that he may not hardly ever get even a second look from women, many women are drawn to power and money and Supriem uses this to his advantage to get a woman, but the biggest thing to point out here is that women are also Supriem's downfall, for the reason he cannot actually hold onto one for any real length of time, as this would present a very difficult obstacle for him, which you have to really think about for a moment to see, if a woman got too close to Supriem, naturally she would learn more things about him, she would begin to see through the veil of lies that he pulls down over the eyes of the people he encounters, she would begin to want to spend some of the great wealth Supriem really doesn't have, and with a woman getting close to Supriem, he knows that it would be to his own undoing, so to mask this looming factor he much rather prefer to play the part of a playboy, a person who can't settle down with just one woman, he likes to seem cavalier and careless to this factor, but the truth is he just can't sustain a lie when it comes to an intimate relationship and it isn't rocket science to see how true that fact is.

  • Supriem very often likes to claim to have some extensive knowledge of the occult and it's workings, or roots to thereof, but in all reality, he has no more knowledge about it, than your average person, he talks about Occult subjects in a fashion than he actually knows about it, he is not part of any kind of occult organization, nor has he ever even applied himself in any formal capacity like joining an occult organization to even learn about it by being part of it, he even sports and "Eye of Ra" tattoo on his hand, as if that some kind of confirmation to his occult status of knowing, it's really not, but he still likes to play pretend anyway.
  • Supriem is known to engage in short seller pump and dump stock scams [Records of known recent examples will follow in this report].
  • Supriem is not known to have just one single type of scamming methodology; although he has a pattern that fits into many of his past known scam attempts profile- e.g. utilizing the Internet to help facilitate his scams - but it is more accurate to asses that Supriem is a total think tank of ways to scam, he, eats, sleeps, shits and drinks on ways to scam in his ever changing clever scam methods that he employs; heck, he even has gone so far to change his own name to assist him in doing this, so I think it is safe to say that he depends on his name, in assisting him to engage unsuspecting victims, for one scamming scenario or another, but it's certainly not his only one way of doing it, his lies are all but limitless, and that is not an exaggeration, in the slightest.
  • On facebook, Supriem himself likes to add very important people to his friends list, such as royalty, celebrities, heads of state etc. all in a pathetic effort to promote the grand illusion of grandeur, that they are adding him perhaps, as if he's well known to them, or someone of importance, his Rockefeller name surely assists him in gaining their friends list acceptance, but in reality, anyone can add anybody on facebook these days, he just currently uses facebook as his primary propaganda tool in general; for that reason and more.
  • Some of the most known confirmed common subjects Supriem has boasted about and likes to assert often that he's involved with are, but not limited to: Artificial Intelligence, World Money Management, International Monetary Fund, NASA, The U.S. Defense Department, The United Nations, Telecommunications, High Tech Device Industry,  Supriem Network, The Major Entertainment Industry, Swiss Trust Companies, The Allied Union, Fostering a new world currency called The Allied Unit, Claiming to have a company named S.D. Rockefeller Holdings, Knowing the presidential Bush family personally, The Fine Art Industry, The Palestinian National Interest Committee (PNIC), Stock Market, Brokering big financial deals,  Knowing Members of  The Rothschild family. And those are just a few things he has touted about being part of in the past, if anyone who knows him personally they should see one or more of these subjects in their memory of hearing things Supriem has spewed from his lying lips, if anyone had any real involvement with just one of those entities that would be impressive in it self alone, but Supriem, he has them all according to his own claims. 
  • Supriem may have by now established a new scamming way to support himself, he may have landed a few good profitable scams that have brought him some income which would seemingly support a notion that he is wealthy to the those who encounter him, keep in mind he is not college educated nor is he a real Rockefeller, but he is a real good con artist and he has knowledge of the financial industry that could help land him some money from time to time, I can only say that you should examine him closely, and weigh the evidence, have you seen his house? or have you seen any evidence of his sustained legitimate wealth? Supriem is known to take financial programs off the net available to anyone through a broker and broker them as his own financial product or program being an actual middle man in reality, all under the guise it is exclusively from his "people" or connections, he calls it the buy sell program and it involves the purchasing of medium term notes by way of attaining a "Proof Of Funds" slip from any account holder with no risk to the giver of this proof of funds other than the fact they are losing money by using him as a middle man to broker something they could do themselves.
  • Supriem will seek out your potential for profit or the potential of those valuable business contacts you might know, he'll gain your friendship and good reference so that you vouch for him in any kind of potential dealing he says he can broker, he is very skilled in talking the talk, so he can sound like he is very much aligned with any of his potential targets, don't give him the chance he wants, whatever business proposal he may talk about will eventually end up with him profiting or you ruining your good name because he is discovered by your contacts or yourself.

Supriem's True Raynes Family Tree & Criminal Record.

With Documented Verifiable Court Case Numbers

In this segment of the report I'd like to highlight his past true birth name backed by public records that link his new name 'Supriem Rockefeller'; to his other name, this part of the investigation eludes to his real given birth name of 'Kristopher Alan Raynes'  and it tells all who he really is.

If anyone runs the name of Supriem Rockefeller through any information website like Intelius, Peoplefinder etc. You will come up with the name Kristopher Alan Raynes listed as his Alias, same exact age and all. It also lists other relatives whom are related to Supriem at his known former Bon Aqua, TN address (Supriem's Mother's House) I encourage people to run this search for themselves, it is free to do so.

The true real fact is, Kristopher Alan Raynes, is actually Supriem Rockefeller's former real birth name before he changed it and also a name he was arrested under for Theft back in the late 90's. The records of his aka alias names were recorded long ago on public record before the myth and stories surfaced about him on the Internet, so no it is not planted disinformation, as he would love anyone to believe, but it is factual recorded records, that he never hoped would be found.

To the right: Self taken photo of Supriem at Rockefeller plaza in a NYC video from his facebook page, is he implying again that he is a real Rockefeller? Take Notice: that his hand image holding the camera is clearly in the reflection of his sunglasses, most of his photos are taken this way on the same angle.

The True Plot Unfolds 

-The Easy Verifiable Records Come Out-

When the investigated truth began to emerge about Supriem's true identity birth name and criminal record I'm sure Supriem began to explain it away to people who knew him personally as just more Slander Libel claims against him, he probably pointed out all the ridiculous other things that he himself in fact planted as one in the same with the new revelations, because that would be his best explanation and excuse to use in order to deflect the true factors now known about him. I strongly urge anyone who may know him personally to put him under the microscope and ignore his articulate seemingly intelligent talk and ignore his known persona of social greatness, or defensive claims that he's being attacked; by examining the tell tale signs that he has put in front of your face, weigh the evidence because his lies don't hold up under any scrutiny, and look into these facts about him that this report is going to re-highlight again, you have to understand that Supriem doesn't want to lose the advantage of his changed name nor lose the respect of those who know him to be a man on high, he will defend that position at all cost and he is an excellent reasoner of words and explanation, more importantly he knows how to bring you to his side and opinion.

Think back in your mind using your head from anytime in your past that you suspected or caught someone in a lie, what were the revealing signs then? What made you suspicious? Then apply that to Supriem Rockefeller, his lies are so vast and so great, that not just anyone would doubt him, that is his nature and method of lying, when you think of any liar you have ever known in your life and you evaluate the scope and depth of their lies, usually they were types of lies that were plausible by some measure, but when Supreim lies, he goes to the top of lying, he doesn't stay in the realm of something plausible he goes above and beyond it, which in turn masks the ridicules possibility of it all, he's not your typical liar, so then nobody suspects it first hand, and he knows this, he bets on it; his "Supriem Rockefeller" name supports his lies in the greatest way, it sounds very important, so it makes you want to unconsciously excuse any notion that you are talking to a man whose real name is really Kristopher Alan Raynes, just think about it, if you heard the things that Supriem claims but his name was Kris Raynes, you'd have red flags popping up every where, that is in fact the true matter of it all, put his name to the test and the truth will reveal itself in plain sight and logic in the same way it has before in your life when any other persons you have known were suspicious or in question of scrutiny about one thing or another in a suspected lie.

Supriem's True Raynes Family Tree Starts To Take Some Logical Shape.

  • When you run the name of Supriem Rockefeller against any well credible public information data base web site like etc. you will find that one of his listed aliases is Kristopher Alan Raynes same exact birth date and all of 12/21/74. You will also see listed relatives names which begin the trail of this investigation as it unravels the hidden truth. These are records that have been established long before the entire saga began about the myth of Supriem Rockefeller on the internet blog scene, he'd like to tell you otherwise or perhaps suggest that anything about him on the internet is an attack on him personally, when that's not true, because when these records were established there were no stories about Supriem, none at all, the facts are clear. If you run the name of any real celebrity or real true Rockefeller family member you will not find anything at all about them, on any database, and rightly so, they are well guarded and protected from any kind of public eye, but this is not the case with Mr. Raynes aka Supriem Rockefeller, it's very telling and revealing that the fact you can find Supriem on such databases, his name is too unique for it to be someone else. the report is as follows found in the e-book written by Wes Penre about the true identity of Supriem Rockefeller found here on this link:

  • As the investigation begun; it led to his former states of residency which included Oklahoma, and we will elaborate on the significance about it further on in this report, most importantly stories about Supriem began to take shape and be corroborated with the below report as to who he really is, and that prompted the probe into his true identity, from a certain lady's efforts to uncover Supriem ; who is also allegedly a true friend of the real Rockefeller family; a New York Socialite named Claire Van Denberg on Disclose TV:
Source: The report is originally found on the following URL link: but is also displayed here below in blue text:

"The man calling himself "Supriem David Rockefeller" legally changed his name from Kris Raynes. He was convicted of theft in Williamson County Tennessee. Following his conviction, he changed his name in order to fraudulently claim lineage to the prominent New York family of the same name. His motives appear to have been both social and financial.

Kris Raynes, a high school dropout who was born in Louisiana and grew up in Oklahoma, moved to Crofton, Maryland with his Mother as a young man. While in Maryland he worked at a handful of remedial jobs, such as a cashier in a fast food restaurant. According to some sources, he also made a few failed attempts at professional gambling.

Because of Kris Raynes' failure to achieve self sufficiency, he was forced to relocate with his mother (now remarried and named Barbara Lehman) to 9624 Rhodes Road Bon Aqua, TN- where he was living with his mother until at least late last year. Presumably because of Bon Aqua's proximity to Nashville, Kris gained some exposure to the music industry and decided to try his luck as a rap artist. The publishing details of one of his pieces can be seen here .

Since Kris hadn't had any luck achieving financial independence he was still living at home with his mother. He was still also meandering from one remedial job to another, since opportunities for him were limited due to the fact that he was a high school dropout. He eventually procured employment as a clerk with Cool Springs Wine and Spirits in Franklin, Tennessee, owned by James "Woody" Woodard. It is here where Kris' legal problems began. Feeling discouraged and desperate because of his abject failure so far in life, Kris began to steal money from his employer. Before long Kris' scheme was discovered and he was fired, at which time he procured employment at another local wine and spirits store. Much to his misfortune, however, the Woodard family had decided to seek criminal charges against him. Kris was arrested and charged with grand theft from Cool Springs Wine and Spirits. More information, including contact information about Cool Springs Wine and Spirits can be found here: ... 112006.php

It was in the midst of this affair that Kris legally changed his name to Supriem Rockefeller and began to tell people he was the son of David Rockefeller Jr. Many people naturally began to doubt him since he was curiously absent from any Rockefeller biographical material and from any Rockefeller family record all together. It was clear that his plan would need some additional adjustment.

Since the Rockefeller family has a very well documented ancestry, he had to contrive a story which would explain why he was mysteriously absent from all of this thorough biographical documentation. This is a task which he completed in no small measure. In fact, he was even able to dupe gullible conspiracy writers such as Wes Penre. He claimed to be a secret child of the Rockefellers with plans to usher in a one world government. He even claimed to be the Antichrist of biblical prophecy, with ties to ancient secret societies. There were all sorts of fanciful details to the story including everything from extra terrestrial DNA to Mono-atomic chest implants. More on the Supriem Rockefeller/anti-Christ/ Alien ancestry can be found via a simple Google search of "supriem rockefeller". Here are some examples: > [ Dead links removed]

When Kris wasn't busy trying to sell MP3s and ring tones of his sensational rap music, he kept himself busy. Indeed, Kris made a noble effort to create some credibility behind his mythical persona. One method he used was to create faux press releases about bogus companies such as this one: Dead Link removed . About an anomalous mining company from whose random venture into the USB key business "Supriem" decided to back to the tune of millions. As comical as we may find this ruse, there were several who actually believed in it's credibility simply due to the Rockefeller name.

This all culminated last week in Kris deactivating his Facebook account in a defacto admission of defeat to his elaborate facade. He deactivated the account in the midst of an onslaught of questions about his identity and past which he failed to answer. This page will be dedicated to discussing the hoax, and speculation as to what Kris' next big idea will be. Because let's face it one thing he certainly does not lack is creativity. All updates are welcome as are any comments and/or discussion relevant to this topic! Thanks for your time and attention.

The Rockefeller family offices can be reached at 212-649-1736."

I believe this above report is mostly true and I'll explain why with proof and detail.

-Conclusion Points To The Relevant Evidence That Follows-

Things to always keep in mind as the report continues:

  • When the above report was first released by Claire Vandenberg on Disclose TV it did not include any specific information; so it lacked any kind of real supporting evidence such as court case numbers or any way to verify it's validity, so it could only be taken at the time as hearsay, which is a factor at the time of it's release that Supriem quickly capitalized upon and pointed out in his defense, however it is that report, that prompted a further investigation; which cost money, time and effort to uncover, and when it did reveal the truthful facts, lo and behold- Bingo! the above report was fully corroborated by the found evidence that which we will be covering further on in this report in depth.
  • Another aspect of the above report that corroborates the account of his past is this link This independent separate link from the past does show he did in fact attempt his failed luck in the rap business back in 2003, thus it also fully supports the validity of the above report, and if you notice in that link; that he also uses the email address, which only goes to show that he began to birth the entire messiah world leader BS in his mind back then, which was first reported about in 2009 by Wes Penre, remember the outlandish stories about him began in 2009, but that email address was from 2003, he had it in his mind for a long time, and it also rules out that he didn't have a hand in the recent stories about him from 2009, as Wes Penre who wrote about him has confirmed, so he's been at it for a long time.
  • It should also be noted that these days he claims that he had nothing to do with the ridiculous sounding stories about him, found here which are namely the ones that talked about his self claim to being Lucifer & Messiah written by Wes Penre, he understands now in his new setting that it would make him look foolish, and it would affect his ability to conduct his questionable current business endeavors, it all caught up to him, thus he denies it, but Wes Penre who first wrote those stories about him can be contacted at you may ask him to verify who submitted contributing information pertaining to all those stories he will tell you it was in fact Supriem's camp.
  • The following reports below are the reports that led to the truth about who & what Supriem Rockefeller truly is, we will dig deeper and show you, the more you dig, the more you see the truth is what it is. It only takes common sense and a little thought to see how all the pieces of Supriem's deception fit together perfectly, as this information comes from a different time before any stories about him at all were even reported about on the internet in the first place.

*>>All the following records were paid for and provided by, they are all verifiable by court inquiry, and on public record.<<*

  • It is estimated that somewhere between 2002-03 was the time when Kris Raynes legally changed his current name to Supriem Rockefeller.

 Here are Supriem's records that positively mirror the above report account

 of his past criminal record and true name:

  • He was arrested back in 1998 under his true birth name Kristopher A Raynes, as you read further on in the report you will see his listed aliases that include the name Supriem Rockefeller & Kristopher Raynes are the same person.

On-site County Criminal Record Search - July 23, 2010

Your Report Summary

Order #34828625



Kristopher A Raynes



Date Of Birth:


Report Contents


Run Another On-site County Criminal Record Search

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Date of Birth

1974-12-21 <Same D.O.B. as Supriem.

Search Type


County Searched


County Seat


Court(s) Checked

1. 21ST DISTRICT CIRCUIT/GEN SESS (2003-07-14 to 2010-07-14)


COMPLETED 2010-07-23 09:00




Record 1 of 1



Case Number


Highest Case Type


File Date


Subject Identifiers




Case Type



THEFT OVER $1,000.00







Disposition Date


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  • He was given then; when he was convicted; a deferred sentence in this case, because it was his first offense,  but this does prove and show his criminal behavioral tendencies, and he was punished & fined in a court of law, with restitution owed to pay back what money he stole, and sentenced to 2 years of active supervised probation.  This beyond any doubt proves in fact he does have a criminal past; plain and simple. We've never heard of any real Rockefeller family member being arrested, but then again he isn't a real Rockefeller.

Notice that Supriem's posted birth date, like the one listed on his criminal conviction is of 12/21/74 it matches exactly to the one on his own facebook page; just like Kristopher A. Raynes, is also one of his known verified listed aliases on the public record reports that follow; and his recorded alias of Kristopher Raynes is also connected to Tennessee, come on, what are the chances of it happening that way at random?

 *How you can easily confirm this verifiable criminal record report for yourself:

  • If you want to verify that this report is genuine and not some kind of an Internet fake post, you can simply contact the Williamson County Court House in Tennessee at (615) 790-5454, and ask for the criminal division court clerk, then once connected with her/him ask about court case #94CC1-1999-CR-5805 under General Session; to verify it's existence and matching information, they will answer your question; as it is legal public information and they'll give you confirmation to it's validity, I have in fact verified it myself personally, you should too.
  • There's honestly & realistically, not a chance in hell, that someone just by chance named Kristopher Raynes back then in the 90's could be a different person, whom also lived in the same precise area as Supriem and with the same exact birth date of 12/21/74, who now lists as one of Supriem Rockefeller's aliases. How could it even possibly be a different person in the report?  Just weigh the obvious facts using common sense and you'll see there one in the same exact person.

Take A Mental Inventory of All The Collective Compiled Factual Public Record Verified Facts & Court Case Number Details Provided in The Following Reports; Committing It All To Continued Memory Of The Entire Report, So You Can See The Deceptive Puzzle Pieces Begin To Fit Together Perfectly:


Your Report Summary

Order #34827397


Supriem K Rockefeller

Date Of Birth:


Here is Supriem's Listed Alias Names Report On Record.

Source: Intelius

  • Take notice of the listed known aliases of Supriem especially, as they connect the dots to his criminal record and true birth name perfectly.

  • Another thing to point out is that Supriem's true birth first name "Kristopher" is a rather uncommon spelling, more commonly it is spelled as "Christopher", just another factor that pinpoints who he is, as we will see in the following reports.
  • His listed aliases are what link him to all the information reports included below, so it is very important to keep that in mind the whole time always when putting all the pieces together as you are reading this entire report.

Report Contents

Personal Public Records Data

What is a Personal Public Records Data?

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Subject Name:

Supriem K Rockefeller ( "K" is most likely standing for Kristopher)

Listed Aliases:

Supriem K Rockefeller, Kristopher A Raynes, Kristopher Raynes, Kristopher A Lehman

Listed Date of Birth:

Dec 21, 1974

Listed Age:


Address History For Supriem K Rockefeller

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Supriem K Rockefeller

(931) 451-0944

9624 Rhodes Rd
Bon Aqua, TN 37025

Property Report



Supriem K Rockefeller

Box 326
Bon Aqua, TN 37025

Property Report



Supriem K Rockefeller

(410) 451-0944

1724 Tarleton Wa
Crofton, MD 21114

Property Report



Supriem K Rockefeller

Rr 2 #POB 184
Noble, OK 73068

Property Report


Connecting the dots piece by piece with the above and below information:

  • Barbara Kay Raynes (Supriem's mother) is now remarried to Gregory Lehman, so Lehman is now her new last name, but we will also provide proof that her name was also Raynes below with a  divorce decree court record also.
  • Now the above listed address of 9624 Rhodes, Bon Aqua, Tn, 37025 [which is just a very modest middles class home when looked up on Google Earth, not the home of a wealthy person] is listed as one of his known former addresses, you will notice in the owner property report, in the following below information, that it also lists the current residents of that address names as: Barbara & Gregory Lehman, this current owner listed name information also comes backed up and verified on reverse address look up through found here on this URL:

  •  The surname name "Lehman" is also listed to one of Supriem's aliases so that reveals why it is listed as an alias of his and that perfectly links him to that address (His mothers house) do you see how the pieces start to fit together? Early on Supriem, who was then Kris, liked to use the Lehman name, implying how it related to the famous Lehman brothers family dynasty, but later adopted the Rockefeller name, abandoning the Lehman name, which originates from his stepfather Greg Lehman in the first place, always a poser wanna-be Supriem is.
  • Continue to take notice that all the information pertaining to the names of his relatives, his aliases,  his listed former known addresses, all link together in some exact matching way or another according to, long standing, verified, documented public records..

Property History Summary

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ADDRESS & CONTACT INFO: Barbara & Gregory Lehman
9624 Rhodes Rd
Bon Aqua, TN 37025
(931) 451-0944

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  • List of all 33 neighborhood sex offenders
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Property Report

Property Details

Owner Name

Property Info

Lehman Gregory A
Lehman Barbara

Assessed Value: $152,400
Sq. ft.: 2,424
Taxes: $837 (2009)


Neighbors Around The Property








Relatives & Associates

Felton & Tommie Raynes

Barbara K Lehman

Background Check

Gregory Adam Lehman

Background Check

Barbara R Raynes

Background Check

Kristopher A Lehman

Background Check

Kristhopher Raynes

Background Check

Kristopher A Raynes

Background Check


Area Data

Total Population

Avg. House Price

Avg. Household Income

Area Sex Offenders






 NameAgePrevious CitiesDOBPhoneAddressAvg. IncomeAvg. Home ValueRelatives
Larry Alan Raynes

View Details
Perry, OK
Noble, OK
Tommie Francis Raynes
Linda Joyce Raynes
Felton Felton Raynes
Barbara K Lehman
Kristopher Raynes

The Divorce Decree Record of Supriem's Parents Larry Alan Raynes & Barbara Kay Raynes

This Proves That They Were Married And it Proves Beyond A Doubt They Are
The True Parents Of Supriem aka Kristopher Alan Raynes,
And It Explains The Origin Of Supriem's Real Name.


(Supriem's mother is now remarried and her new last name is Lehman, which is exactly the last name of the persons currently living in the Bon Aqua, TN. address)

District Court of Oklahoma

County: Noble - County Last Updated: 12/10/2010 17:00
Case: JFD-1982-00050
Date Filed: 06/11/1982
Amount Owed: $0.00 (as of 12/10/2010 17:00)



Case Entries
Date: Case Entries Amount
06/11/1982 PETITION
06/24/1982 SUMMONS
07/23/1982 ORDER
08/11/1982 ANSWER
10/15/1982 LETTER
07/06/1983 RELEASE

-More Court Record Information About Supriem's Real Mother Barbara Kay Raynes


  • The most significant aspect about this court record below, is that it lists the same 1724 Tarleton Way, MD. address, which exactly matches one of Supriem's listed former addresses as shown above listed in this report, even Supriem himself admits living in Maryland, this is even further proof of Supriem's real mother and true Raynes family name.
  • Coincidentally Barbara Raynes/Lehman now has an address listed in Bon Aqua, Tennessee, that exactly matches another one of Supriem,'s most recent former known addresses, because it's an absolute fact that Supriem was still living with his mommy until at least late 2009, just prior to him relocating to where he now resides in New York City.
  • All The information on Supriem and his true family records link together perfectly, matching addresses, matching names, matching listed relatives, Supriem is not a true real Rockefeller by a long shot, and it appears the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as this report will reveal further below, she doesn't pay her bills either, just like Supriem.

Case Information
Case Number:070200075981997Claim Type:FOREIGN
District/Location Codes:07 / 02Filing Date:06/25/1997Case Status:CLOSED

Complaint, Judgment, and Related Persons Information
(Each Complaint, Hearing, Judgment is listed separately, along with each Related Person)
Complaint Information
Status Date:07/14/1997Filing Date:06/25/1997Amount$2956Last Activity Date:07/02/2009

Judgment Information
Judgment Type:FOREIGN JUDGMENT RECORDEDJudgment Date:06/25/1997
Judgment Amount:$2,956.00Judgment Interest:$3,760.00Costs:$0.00Other Amounts:$0.00
Attorney Fees:$0.00Post Interest Legal Rate:X Jointly and Severally:In Favor of Defendant:
Possession Of Property Claimed valued At:$0.00Is Awarded To The:Together With Damages Of:$0.00
Value Of Property Sued For:$0.00Plus Damages Of:$0.00Is Awarded To The:Dismissed With Prejudice:
Replevin/Detinue Amount:$0.00
Recorded Lien Date:07/28/1997Judgment renewed Date:
Renewed Lien Date:Satisfaction Date:

Related Person Information
Connection to Complaint:ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF
Address:5101 WISCONSIN AV,NW#210
City:WASHINGTONState:DCZip Code:20016
If Person is Attorney: Attorney Code:002533Attorney's Firm:HERBERT A ROSENTHAL
Connection to Complaint:DEFENDANT
Address:1724 TARLETON WAY
City:CROFTONState:MDZip Code:21114

Connection to Complaint:WAGE GARNISHEE
Address:1801 BAY RIDGE ROAD
City:ANNAPOLISState:MDZip Code:21043

Connection to Complaint:PLAINTIFF
Address:1050-17TH ST., N.W. #1200
City:WASHINGTONState:DCZip Code:20036-5576

The Significant Bullet Points of Mention That Pertain Directly To The Above Addresses & Names of Listed Relatives of family Association:

  • Now with the above records search, you can see that Supriem has a listed public record Oklahoma address: Route 2 # POB 184 Noble, OK 73068;  This public recorded information directed the investigation to head into Oklahoma to find these already other listed relatives of Kris Raynes; who are in part listed on public record above as; Felton & Tommie Raynes (Supriem's Grandparents) if Felton Raynes were alive today he'd be 81 years old roughly, but he died in the late 90's,  Supriem's late grandmother; named: Tommie Raynes; Felton's wife; just passed away in late 2009.
  • One of the very next name's on public record that is listed as related too Felton and Tommie Raynes is: Larry Raynes who is also listed as a relative of Kristopher Raynes and Barbara Raynes/Lehman, just like one of the listed aliases of Supriem Rockefeller by the following bloodline manner; Kris/Supriem is listed as related to all of them.
Source: Oklahoman News

Tommie Francis Raynes
"Tommie Francis Raynes, 76, of Oklahoma City, OK, passed away on October 19,
2009. She was born November 25, 1932 to Virgil and Frankie Yost in Munday,
Texas. Tommie was a member of Southgate Baptist Church. She was a retired
school teacher, she had taught in Lawton and OKC. Tommie enjoyed reading, jigsaw
puzzles, fishing and playing cards. She is survived by her son, Larry Raynes
and wife, Linda; daughter, Shelley Moseley and husband, John; 3 grandchildren: 1-
Megan Moseley; 2- Heather Hack and husband, Rodney; 3- Kris Raynes; 2
great-grandchildren, Hayden Hack, Halle Hack; sister, Phyllis Dunn and husband,
Elmo. She is preceded in death by her husband, Felton Raynes, who passed away in
1998 shortly after celebrating 50 years of marriage; and brother, Charles Yost. The
family will be gathering at the home of Phyllis Dunn. Services will be held at 1:00
PM, Wednesday, October 21, 2009, at Southgate Baptist Church, Moore, OK.
Interment to follow at Moore Cemetery, Moore, OK. Services are under the direction
of John M. Ireland Funeral Home and Chapel, Moore, OK."

  • Now looking at the above obituary you will see that is states clearly that Tommie Raynes (Supriem's Grandmother) was the beloved wife of Felton Raynes (Her late husband; Supriem's Grandfather) it also states she was survived by her only two listed children Shelly & Larry Raynes,  and these following names are listed as the 3 grandchildren; of Felton & Tommie Raynes: 1-Megan Moseley; 2- Heather Hack 3- Kris Raynes.
  • Although Felton & Tommie Raynes had only two children; Shelly & Larry;  it's only Larry Raynes; their one and only son, who could have actually passed on the Raynes family name to their grandson, Kristopher Raynes (who is in fact now Supriem), and the very name "Kristopher" is a very unique spelling of the name which is otherwise commonly spelled as "Christopher" all these records don't link by just some far off random chance I assure you,  there is no mistake about it, as to whom Supriem Rockefeller really is, he can try and explain it away, or perhaps own up to it in some favorable manner to this report;  but is proven that Supriem Rockefeller was in fact first Kristopher Raynes before he legally changed his name, there simply can be no mistake about it by chance or at random. 
  • With these reports we have been able to prove with Supriem's listed aliases and former known addresses that he is related to Barbara Raynes, then with that information we were able to prove that Barbara Raynes once lived in Noble, Oklahoma, which is also one of Supriem's former listed known addresses, with the divorce decree between Larry and Barbara we were able to prove they were married, and with the obituary of Tommie Raynes, we were able to prove that Larry Raynes bore a son named Kristopher Raynes as listed in the obituary which had to of come from his ex-wife Barbara Raynes, in all that compiled thread of information we have proved beyond a reasonable doubt who Supriem really is.
  • Now at some point Larry Raynes, who is listed as a relative of Barbara Raynes, met Barbara; who is now listed as married to Gregory Lehman, and that last name of Lehman is listed as now one of Kristopher Raynes's aliases; which in turn is listed as one of Supriem's listed aliases, it all makes the entire puzzle pieces fit so perfectly.

*How you can verify and cross reference all of these names on public record for yourself to confirm the validity:

  • This process explained on how to do it, is rather simple if you are searching diligently for confirmation of this report; it will take you entering for yourself into a public records pay/free database, such as, or you may choose your own site, there are many credible sites to serve you in this regard; and Take every name mentioned in the above report, beginning with Supriem Rockefeller, then enter it into their search parameter box cross referencing it with every other name that will come up; in any given sequence to see the clear relation to all conjoined records. In depth detailed records e.g. specific addresses/phone numbers etc. are available for a very small fee of $1.95, but nonetheless you can reference any and all the names and listed states of residency for absolutely free. The confirmed truth is there for the taking for those who are willing to do a little leg work on the net, if you don't want too, then you must accept this genuine full report; by it's already prior confirmed verified records that are provided here.

I will include here below; a quote from Wes Penre's E-Book "Supriem Rockefeller aka Kris Raynes; The Life Of A True Con Artist" which is already freely available for download on the internet at:  This quote sums it all up in words very well as follows in quotation marks:

Source: Wes Penre

"In Summary

At some point Barbara and Larry Raynes, his father, lived in Maryland for a while
 (Maryland is also one of Supriem's above listed past addresses-My Emphasis), then moved
back to Oklahoma where Larry has roots. Along the line, Barbara met Gregory Lehman,
divorced Larry Raynes and moved to Tennessee where they have lived ever since. Larry
remarried Linda Joyce, who became Linda Joyce Raynes and they both now live in Perry,
Oklahoma, according to public records (see Report #5).

Out of the marriage between Barbara and Larry came Kris, who automatically got his fathers
name and became Kristopher A. Raynes (and way later changed his name to Supriem), where the
middle initial A probably stands for Alan after his father.

As we shall see in the next chapter,
Kris committed a crime and was convicted while still carrying his birth name, Kristopher A.
Raynes, so the Raynes name was probably not something he wanted to be associated with after
that. According to Claire van Denberg’s letter, this was when he changed his name to
Rockefeller. And after all, Lehman is a much more interesting name and suggests a connection
with wealth and power, so he’d rather promote himself as being connected with Greg Lehman
(although he never mentioned his stepfather’s first name, because that would give it away. There
is no “famous” Gregory of the wealthy Lehman family).

That’s why I was told when I wrote The
Myth that Supriem was adopted by a Lehman of the famous Lehman Brothers family, because
that sounded much better. He never mentioned the name Raynes to me.
SDR once made a comment to me in an email, after people started saying his birth name is
Raynes, that Kris Raynes is one of his aliases, but not his original name. In the same breath he
said that ever since he was adopted as a baby, his name has been Supriem David Rockefeller,
and we all know by now that this is not the case. This means he lied to me, and he has lied to the
public regarding his background. As we shall see in Chapter 2, there are reasons why he doesn’t
want the name Raynes mentioned in public.

 There is at least one conviction connected to that
name, and he doesn’t want people to know that — it’s not good for his image or for business.
Around the same time, he told me that it is true he comes from a modest background, but even
King David did so, and see where he ended up. He said this in relation to his being God
incarnated and the future ruler of the seven super-universes as per the Urantia doctrine. However,
it’s not just the fact that he comes from modest, middle-class family roots, what’s more
important is how he is living his life. If he wants to compare himself to the biblical King David,
the only thing I can see they have in common is their modest backgrounds. King David did not."


Now here is Supriem's very recent 2009 financial civil judgment court record with a verifiable court case number; including easy following instructions on how to verify it through the court:

Civil Judgment Report on Supriem K Rockefeller:

What are Tax Lien, Bankruptcy & Judgments?

This section lists civil records from county courts for the selected address. The types of records include property tax liens, general tax liens, bankruptcies, small claims, judgments, and more associated with the selected address. Please closely review each record as common addresses may return multiple civil record results.

 Civil Judgment Records for Supriem K Rockefeller in the state of TN - 1 records found

Record 1


Civil Record Verification: Confirm Case # 093450C at the Court House


Rockefeller, Supriem K

Case Number:


Filing Type:

Small Claims Judgment

Entity Type:

Individual Record

Filing Date:


Amount Liability:



9624 Rhodes Rd


Bon Aqua






Capital One Bank Usa Na

Court Code:


Unlawful Detainer:


Action Type:

Small Claims Judgment

Entity Details 

*Why this is the most important piece of evidence for the following reasons:

  • First of all, this is a very recently filed document in the State of Tennessee courts recording a default financial  judgment ruling against him for non payment of his incurred debt; the default of payment on his personal credit card bill owed was never rightfully paid back too his creditor and this court proceeding is from the recent late 2009 calender year, and it is actually in his current Supriem Rockefeller name; with a proven documented verifiable court case number.
  • Secondly it is from the creditor Capital One, in case you're not too familiar with who they are; they are a well known credit card company, it clearly shows here that he very recently defaulted on paying his small credit card bill in the amount of a mere $1,367.00.
  • Now honestly, lets reason here for a moment; wouldn't a wealthy person be able to afford to pay this small credit card debt?
  • But more importantly; at all cost wouldn't a wealthy man do anything and everything to keep this kind of negative off of his own credit report.
  • Do very current wealthy prominent people have this kind of credit negative on their credit report? Or is it more likely that con artist fakers would have such a credit report? You decide, just think about it with very simple common sense.
  • By knowing this factual legitimate court report with verifiable case number; it clearly reveals the real social type status and caliper of who Supriem really is, or more importantly; who he is not.
The fact that this court record exists and was found; and is current and valid, really ties together every other aspect piece of this report to validity and verified truth, the court records don't lie.

 *How you can easily confirm this verifiable civil judgment record report yourself:

If you want to verify that this report is genuine and not some kind of an Internet fake post, you can simply contact Williamson County Court House in Tennessee at (615) 790-5454, and ask for the small claims civil court division clerk, then once connected with her/him request information for court case #093450C; to verify it's existence and validity of matching information on file with the court, they will answer your question; as it is legal public information and they'll give you confirmation to it's validity, I have in fact verified it myself personally, you should too, you may also request the report in writing for a couple dollars.

Here's The State of Delaware's

Corporate Registry Record Report

Regarding The Real Truth About

S.D. Rockefeller Holdings LLC.

(A Fee Was Paid To Obtain This Record)

Source: The State of Delaware Corporate Registry.


File Number: 4209614

Incorporation Date / Formation Date: 08/23/2006



Entity Type: GENERAL

Residency:  USA, Delaware

DOMESTIC State: DE Status: CANCELLED-VOIDED Status Date: 06/01/2009


Tax Due: $ 1,140.50

Annual Tax Assessment: $ 0.00

Total Authorized Shares: 0



Document Code


No. of pages

Filing Date

Filing Time

Effective Date



Register L.L.C.





Points to consider in the above "S.D. Rockefeller Holdings LLC" State Report:

  • It clearly states that the corporation is now voided & canceled due to non payment of required duty which is owed annually as a registered State of Delaware Corporation.
  • It clearly shows since it's entire beginning that the company was never worth a dime ever; nor had any stock value.
  • It shows a delinquent tax bill due; owed by Supriem. (Remember his defaulted civil judgment for his credit card bill? He's not so good at paying his owed bills)
  • When the corporation was registered it clearly stated it only as a domestic corporation, thus there are no foreign subsidiaries behind it such as a Swiss Trust Company, like Supreim likes to tout that he owns.
  • Take note of the filing date of 8/23/06 which is way before his first fictitious press releases were first posted on the internet through free press public release sites.
  • It shows the company was first registered on 8/23/06, which is long before any stories about him surfaced on the Internet. I will also add that anyone who wants to register a corporation can do so easily for a simple fee of around $100.00 it's not hard to do.
*How you can easily verify that the above report is genuine yourself:

  • You can go to URL link and follow the tabs to the instructions entering the S.D. Rockefeller Holdings LLC  corporate name, or use the file # 4209614 to attain the the same exact record found on their corporate registry official state site listing.
  •  And/or you may contact " Business Filings Inc" at 1-(800) 981-7183 and simply request information on S.D. Rockefeller Holdings LLC.
In Direct Connection To S.D. Rockefeller Holdings LLC.

A 2006 Press Release Made by Supriem That Is Directly Related To The Above State Record:

The Following Points Will Be Highlighted In The Deception With Proof In This Faked Press Release Below

  • Here below is just one of his famous fake press releases that came out in the Summer of 2006 over one full month before he even actually registered S.D. Rockefeller Holdings LLC according to Delaware State Corporate Registry records that are already provided in this report above; keep in mind Supriem has been at his game for a long time, read every word provided to see the clear picture of it all; keeping in mind that anyone can register a corporation very easily without ever even having one at all, it's honestly really just that damn easy too do.


It is as follows in blue text:

  /24-7PressRelease/ - NEW YORK, NY, July 28, 2006 - Supriem David Rockefeller, Chairman of S.D. Rockefeller Holdings. Ltd., announced today that Supriem [Bank and Trust Company] will be opening its doors to a limited number of new clients.

Supriem Rockefeller, known for his work in artificial intelligence (AI) in global currency options markets, development of international private insurance annuities and charitable trusts, has now turned his attention to providing worldwide private banking services for the individual accessible from any location, using any telecommunications device, at any time day or night, with the latest in biometric security.

Supriem [Bank and Trust Company] will provide (1) Comfort, as a small town bank from any location worldwide (2) Intelligence, the most advanced AI software to complete a multitude of tasks and provide worldwide financial live-streaming research (3) 24 hour access to standard banking, trading and investment accounts in addition to International Settlement Accounts, Forex, Forfaiting and Accounts for International Reserves and Clearings (4) Security, the latest in biometric security for all communications (5) Financial strength, whether meeting the needs of the individual or meeting the needs of a country wishing to join the world market, Supriem [Bank and Trust Company] will provide a complete spectrum of services from standard interest bearing accounts to sovereign debt management for struggling countries.

Written into the mission statement, Supriem [Bank and Trust Company] will also make the commitment to interact business with companies that are not only economically viable, but must also be socially and environmentally responsible. With director invitations offered to former presidents, Bill Clinton and George Bush, Sr., economics is not the only criteria for a successful company anymore. This is called the Supriem Standard.

With relationships, including but not limited to, the Bank for International Settlements, International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, S.D. Rockefeller Holdings, Ltd. brings to Supriem [Bank and Trust Company] a foundation of financial strength unparalleled by any new bank entering into the international banking market in decades, as well as, one of the oldest and trusted names in world banking. ( Oh really? Isn't he referring to the real prominent Rockefeller family name which he is not part of) [My emphasis in red]

Media Contact: Paul Ross
Tel: 001.970.282.9412

About S.D. Rockefeller Holdings, Ltd.
S.D. Rockefeller Holdings, Ltd. is a private asset management firm with over $1 trillion under management which provides a wide range of services to a substantial and diversified client base, which includes corporations, financial institutions, high net worth individuals and select governments."

*The Tell Tale Truth Points To Focus On In The Above Faked

Published Press Release; To See What The Lies Are:

  • July 28, 2006 is the set recorded date of this public free press release; which was first initially made according to the posted date of 7/28/06; that which in fact is roughly a full 35 days even before S.D. Rockefeller Holdings LLC was registered as a corporation in The State of Delaware, just as the above state record information provided displays.
  • This above press release was made about 3 years before any kind negative or outlandish stories surfaced about Supriem on the Internet, yet they coincide with those stories from early 2009, can you see Supriem's pattern of deception begin to take shape here?  He likes to deny it these days that anything reported about him in early 2009 is true or that he played any part in it's formation but the prior evidence doesn't lie and is in absolute undeniable perfect harmony with this past press release.
  • Supriem denies it all today that he has anything to do with the stories primarily written about him by Wes Penre, but if you ask Wes, he will tell you he didn't act solely upon his own guess, he was in contact with Supriem's camp and Supriem himself, he didn't just make it all up out of thin air, Wes Penre has been writing on the internet for over 10 years now so he knows much better than to do that; just to post everything without any of Supriem's confirmation, Supriem contributed to all of it himself as well.
  • There is nothing of any information provided in the above fake press releases by Supriem that has ever been able to be confirmed whatsoever; more notable S.D. Rockefeller Holdings LLC has been proven to be a fictitious company at the time of this so called press release; and more importantly to point out if there were anything remotely close to the truth in S.D. Rockefeller Holdings LLC having anything at all to do with a real worldwide banking technology deployment of this caliper, it would have made world news, if anything at a bare minimum- it never would have been posted on some cheesy free public press release site which anyone could have made with no questions asked. Further on in this report you will read in Supriem's very own words him actually claiming that his fictitious S.D. Rockefeller Holdings LLC has been an establish corporation since 2002 to Claire Van Denberg but we'll cover that later on as the report continues.
  • A very important thing to notice in the above fake press release by Supriem in 2006 is this quote snip-it: "as well as, one of the oldest and trusted names in world banking" Supriem here is clearly eluding to the true Rockefeller Standard Oil Family name that which he isn't at all in the slightest related too whatsoever; even by his only now; own self admission, he says he's not connected in anyway to the true Rockefeller family, but in that 2006 press release he apparently claims it differently, so it only reveals and goes to show how he had intended to use that self chosen "Supriem Rockefeller" name dishonestly from the start for Rockefeller impersonation, he deliberately lied in that quoted clip, no doubt about it, it's there in plain text; made by his own hand from 2006.
  • Supriem likes to claim in his own words that he didn't make that press release at all and that the other business entities mentioned therein the press release did it without his authorization or knowledge & the deal fell through anyhow etc., but honestly, lets be logical, S.D. Rockefeller Holdings LLC didn't even exist at the time that it was made, nor could any of the information in the press release ever be verified, ask yourself, who'd be out to get him for no reason to make that all up for no motive or reason? I think it's very obvious who made the press release, nobody is bashing Supriem here or planting bad information many years prior to the stories about him; that notion is plain ridiculous if you just think about it with hint of common sense.
  • Press releases of this kind of importance or size are not released on public internet free press release sites, but rather if they were authentic and real they'd be on many world cable news networks; especially because it involves world monetary banking changes of deployment, just use common sense and that fact alone dispels the BS by itself.
  • It states within the Press release above that: "S.D. Rockefeller Holdings, Ltd. is a private asset management firm with over $1 trillion under management" Wow! Holy shit that's a lot of money, that's more than even "Bank of America" has in all their reported combined assets by multiple billions of dollars, in fact, 1 trillion dollars is the equivalent to $1000.00 bills stacked on there side 67 miles high, and in his other press releases, it goes from 1, to 8, to even 10 trillion, Hello! Does the word bullshit come to mind? As stated above before; his lies know no boundaries, his BS escapes the realm of plausibility so grossly, that it seemingly slips right on by the mind of common sense reasoning of weighed realistic possibilities.  More often than not, nobody even suspects a liar of that caliper too even detect him in the deepest depth of his lying, I'm sure that big self given important sounding name of his; can dismiss a sound logical mind often; which would otherwise normally read between the lies of his absolute BS. That's the Supriem Standard.
  • In the above press release it mentions this quote: "With director invitations offered to former presidents, Bill Clinton and George Bush, Sr.",-give me a break for god sake already- Wow! Supriem is not only rubbing elbows with former presidents; because you'd have to be to make his following statement, he's even publicly announcing an invitation to the ex-Presidents to be hired on, as his own personal directors, in his then fictitious company; that didn't even exist then according to Delaware State Corporate Registry records, and so he's inviting President Clinton & Bush to work for him, like I said before stated above in this report Supriem often likes to tout he knows the Bush presidential family, so here's some supporting evidence of that, I just don't think the ex-presidents of The United States of America are actually going to be working for him anytime soon, need I say more; but can the BS get any thicker? With Supriem, you can count on, that it can.
Most Logical Conclusion To The Above Press Release:

 You must see by now how Supriem's told lies with that press release; just keep on adding up with all his other lies, and see how nothing, no not one thing, about him has ever checked out to be anything even remotely or possibly true, even long before any of the many stories & blogs about him ever surface on the internet; he was telling his lies in stride; that above press release was from 2006; it was clearly his doing of planted information; not anyone Else's, just ask yourself, why the hell would it be made by anyone else, other than himself; and for what logical reason, would anyone else just do this to him for the hell of it? Unlikely so, he's not being bashed here, but rather, he's just clearly being exposed.


Supriem's discussion between Claire Van Denberg, Wes Penre & David Hughes in The Disclose TV Forum.

-We will examine some direct lies told by Supriem in his own words here below the URL & his photo-

The URL where it was originally posted is at:

Source: Wes Penre on Disclose TV

 To the right: Another self taken photo of himself posted on his facebook page, with a good view of his receding hairline, doesn't he ever have anyone at all who will take his picture for him? He's so extremely rich he must have some people at his beckon call, right?  He always poses holding up an alcoholic beverage, it must be something he thinks is a sophisticated thing to do. [Being a chronic alcoholic, just isn't too popular these days]

" New York socialite socialite Claire Van Denberg, an active participant in the NYC art and antiquities scene with Ivy League credentials, has reportedly been viciously bashing Kris Raynes aka Supriem Rockefeller over the past week in NYC social circles and on the internet. Claire, who herself in an heiress to European old money, is well known to regularly rub elbows with many affluent New Yorkers, and be active in affluent New York social circles. She is known to have attended Rockefeller family gatherings, and is speculated to have business and social ties to the Rockefellers via Sotheby's, The Museum of Modern Art, and fund raising efforts.

[Red & Blue text is my emphasis]

I have interviewed her and received her permission to reproduce her online conversations with Wes Penn, and Kris Raynes himself here. The conversations occurred on Wes Penn's facebook page. This all began earlier this week when Kris aka Supriem asked Claire on a date then threatened to sue her after she rejected him. Transcripts below:

What are your thoughts on a new title for the e-book? What do you think of "The rapping Rockefeller: Rhyming his way to the top." I'd love take credit for it, but it was actually a suggestion by one of his old co-workers where he was a cashier at Cool Springs Wine and Spirits in Franklin, Tennessee. [ Cool Springs Wines is located in Franklin, TN; and is where Supriem/Kris himself worked as a cashier; who then at the time was still named Kris Raynes; was arrested in the same exact city of Franklin, TN, like shown in the criminal record listed above; for stealing from his cash till; just as shown in the above already verified arrest court record]

Wes Penre:
Hmm, not sure if I've heard the rap song you are referring to, although I have heard a few of his songs, like "Martinis on Manhattan" for example...I actually like that one!

I'm sure Supriem, also known as Kris Raynes, also known as... well, the list goes on, I guess, has had quite a few jobs in his life. I heard something about a cigar shop too, but not sure if that is true or not. [Further on in the report we will talk about another man whom met Kris in a cigar shop in Franklin,TN.  who was scammed by Kris/Supriem as reported by the victims own statement he posted on Disclose TV; after learning about the stories of Supriem.]

They must pay him well, though, if that's his only income, because he sure is traveling a lot, eating fancy and drinking fancy for just being a poor guy with minimal wage who has never left Tennessee

Not very relevant, but nice chatting with you.


Wes Penre:
Wait a minute! I see what you're saying... Sup must have emptied the cash register again! :-D

David Hughes:
He will be pissed at that Wes.

Claire Van Denberg:
Also known as?? No, Kris Raynes then "Supriem Rockefeller" have been his only legal names.

Never left Tennessee? Did anyone ever say that or make that claim anywhere at all? I know I didn't make that statement and I never saw where anyone has. Yes, he hasn't ever made much money, although his mommy Barbara pays for him to go on vacations with her and gives him spending money. He also lives in her spare bedroom. She is a very gracious mother, apparently.

Claire Van Denberg:
Given his lifestyle, I'd gather that he works the jobs to supplement his allowance he receives from his mother. However, maybe you're right. Maybe he just works these low wage, menial jobs for fun! I guess he just steals from the till at his cashier job for fun too :D That all makes perfect sense. I guess he drives an embarrassing junk heap of a car for fun as well! Or wait, maybe it's just a decoy to fool everyone, just like the cashier job which he stole money from. Just an elaborate ruse- living with mommy, driving a beater, and stealing from clerk jobs so no one knows that he's a billionaire world leader :D That must be it right? :D

Wes Penre:
No, I don't think you were the one who said he was just a poor guy who's never left Tennessee, that was someone else -- but what I mean is I hear stuff like that all the time from people who want me to give it all up for one reason or another and spend a lot of time and energy on it...Sorry, I'm still here.

Claire Van Denberg:
Hi Wes, I'm pretty sure that if anyone wants you to "give it all up" it's for your own sake, out of sympathy. I'm sure you'd rather believe that there is some big evil conspiratorial purpose, but there isn't. They just feel sorry for you. Further, they probably miss the previous writing you have done in the past. You know, back when you were writing on more credible topics? There's next to no one, even in the fringe of the conspiracy crowd that doesn't know that Kris is not, and never was in any way associated with the Rockefeller family proper. The fact is that he's a 35 year old high school dropout phony living in his mother's spare room, and that's not very interesting to most people. You had one thing right though, this story is going nowhere. Two years from now you will be sitting around spouting the same kind of hot air that Kris and his little buddies tell you so that you will repeat it on the internet. That is, of course, if that's what you decide.

Wes Penre:
It's funny that you're saying that I used to write about more credible topics. I'm confused, because what you are referring to is when I was writing about the Rockefellers and how they and the Rothschilds are the top negative Elite bloodlines, and how evil and destructive they are, and always have been, to this world.

But you said to me not too long ago (and yes, you DID say this) that I should be grateful to the Rockefeller clan, because they gave us Standard oil and education(!)

You told me this as a response to my question why you are subscribed to the Rockefeller Group on Facebook.

You can't have it both ways, Claire...How on Earth can I take anything you say seriously?

Wes Penre:
Anyway, the reason I responded to your postings was that I actually enjoy it (must be the dark side of me). But now it's time to finish up and move on to other things...

It just strikes me kind of odd that more often than nott, when I am prepared to do a bigger move on the SPRM scene, you are popping up like a jack-in-the-box, doing all in your power to discredit the whole thing.

If you truly believed in all you're saying, the rational thing to do would be to point it out once (maybe twice) and then leave it and go on with your life. But you seem to dedicate a lot of time to this "unimportant issue". Why? And you say you don't have any kind of agenda? Sorry, Claire... it doesn't make sense. You're obsessed with this "irrelevant non-conspiracy"

If people, according to you, since long have stopped believing in this, what's the point for you to keep on doing what you're doing?

Don't you think people start wondering why you are so persistant on this?

Claire Van Denberg:
Hi Wes,

"It's funny that you're saying that I used to write about more credible topics. I'm confused, because what you are referring to is when I was writing about the Rockefellers and how they and the Rothschilds are the top negative Elite bloodlines, and how evil and destructive they are, and always have been, to this world. "

That you for trying to decide for me what I was referring to, but the fact is that you have no idea what I was referring to. Is that the only thing you have ever written about? No, I don't think so. So in fact, you don't have any idea what I was referring to.

"But you said to me not too long ago (and yes, you DID say this) that I should be grateful to the Rockefeller clan, because they gave us Standard oil and education(!) "

No Wes, that's a blatant lie. I'm starting to see that your true talents may lie in writing fiction. I never, ever brought up Standard Oil, YOU DID! I didn't ever said they "gave us education". That's more fiction, I merely lauded Rockefeller University for continually producing scientific breakthroughs. I was educating you on the (real) Rockefellers (not a phony Rockefeller pretender living with momma in Tennessee). Lie number three, I didn't tell you any of this in response to a question about a Rockefeller group, that's another piece of fiction.

Just for all these lies, you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to forward all those emails to someone who will post them on the relevant websites. Just like you did with the choice pieces of mine you wanted displayed on your website. Well I'm putting the WHOLE THING up so I can refute these lies you have just told about me.

Have what both ways? That doesn't even make sense, whatever little obfuscation tactic you were trying to use only worked on your own mind. You didn't make an actual point.

Claire Van Denberg:
Hi Wes,

"It just strikes me kind of odd that more often than not, when I am prepared to do a bigger move on the SPRM scene, you are popping up like a jack-in-the-box, doing all in your power to discredit the whole thing."

There is no "SPRM scene", so it's impossible to do a "bigger move" on it. I don't have to do anything to discredit it, the Rockefeller family office and Kris' personal history already have. Indeed it discredits itself once the facts are known.

"If you truly believed in all you're saying, the rational thing to do would be to point it out once (maybe twice) and then leave it and go on with your life. But you seem to dedicate a lot of time to this "unimportant issue". Why? And you say you don't have any kind of agenda? Sorry, Claire... it doesn't make sense. You're obsessed with this "irrelevant non-conspiracy"

LOL. Wes I think you are the last person who needs to be telling people what rational behavior is or is not.I'm an ivy league student with a career. You are some guy writing about fake Rockefellers and demons, when there are actually REAL conspiracies which are relevant to the world that you COULD be covering! That's funny. More of your fiction-
1) I haven't dedicated "a lot of time" to this.
2) I never said that identity theft, fraud, and plagiary are "unimportant issues".
3) I never said that I don't have an agenda. In our emails that will soon be posted all over the internet I said:
"I do have an agenda here and I'll tell you exactly what it is. It was to discover the truth about this matter, now that's been accomplished. Now my agenda has switched to informing everyone who isn't already informed about this fraud which has been perpetrated against a monumental family which has made immeasurable contributions to science, the arts, commerce, academia and does not deserve this kind of libel and slander."

You know that's what I said so why do you continue to tell these lies? The only thing that's persistent is my position. I know the facts, so why would my position change? You, on the other hand, who thinks it's okay to knowingly write lies, well, you don't really like to let all those inconvenient facts get in the way of your great writing do you?

I just stopped by because you said you were throwing in the towel on the Kris Raynes story because you knew they were telling you a bunch of BS, and that the story wasn't ever going anywhere. Well you were right, and I was congratulating you on correcting a bad decision and turning over a new leaf. That's exactly why I stopped by, and you know that. Why are you purposely obfuscating things to make it look like I stopped by to discredit your little fake Rockefeller "story" when you know that's not true? Why are you trying to manipulate the information like that?

Wes Penre:
oh yes, you're right. This IS your agenda. And I forgot to mention arts, commerce and academia in relation to the "humanitarian" (not) Rockefeller family:

"Now my agenda has switched to informing everyone who isn't already informed about this fraud which has been perpetrated against a monumental family which has made immeasurable contributions to science, the arts, commerce, academia and does not deserve this kind of libel and slander."

Your purpose is to protect the worst mass-murderers, mind-controllers and bullshitters in modern history - The Rockefeller family. What are you thinking, Claire?

I know you're young, but now, with information technology, you should know better than that. And I think you do, but you're STILL protecting them. I wonder why???

Supriem -David Rockefeller:
I think Claire has a crush on me!! She has way too much time to hate on me on the internet. It's like little girsl in school when they pick on a boy they really like. It's OK Claire, if you can't have me we'll find you a boyfriend to occupy some of your time.

Claire Van Denberg:
Spoken like a true antichrist/world leader... Some maturity for a Rockefeller world leader antichrist LOL! Guess it's pretty typical for an underachiever's personality traits though. Oh, and thanks... but I don't like old men.... especially ones that still live with their mommy's.

Supriem -David Rockefeller:
Damn, I am too old!!! Claire, all things aside, you are pretty hot!!! All I can say is relax, it's just life. Claire, let's meet at Rose Bar for drinks and then see if you still hate me.

David Hughes:
maybe too many Jack D's?
and the Ke$ha song TICK TOCK pops into my mind....yet again.

Claire Van Denberg:
I don't hate you, I just think you are a foolish phony who's a 35 year old failure. It's sad that you'd rather rip off the name of notable people instead of create your own legacy. That's really a huge sign of low self esteem. Kind of sad really. Rose bar? Umm sorry, I am busy on that day.

Supriem -David Rockefeller:
So instead of take time to meet someone and see their true character, you would rather judge someone by something you read online?? Interesting. Good thing you are not a Diplomat.

David Hughes:
Ok now Claire I just turned 40 last week and I find the old comment quite upsetting...LOL

Claire Van Denberg:
Kris, I don't need to meet you to meet you in person to know that you changed your name to Rockefeller and try to convince people that you are something which you aren't. It's kind of sad that your self esteem is so low that you'd try to plagiarize the legacy of others instead of create your own. Definitely an unattractive subservient beta male trait. I know you don't know much about women, but being FAKE is certainly in the top 3 universal turnoffs to women, and you are as big of a fake as they come. Please keep in mind I'm just being honest, not hateful. I don't need to read anything about you online to know that you are not a Rockefeller proper, by birth or otherwise. I know and have worked with proper Rockefellers, and know very well that you have NOTHING to do with the family, and never did. Given that you regularly lie about yourself, because you are ashamed of your real identity why would I want to know any more about your character? I think I know enough. Like I said, it's kind of sad although not unimaginable for a low self esteem underachiever. Sort of like a bum on the street who's really sad, but you still don't give any money to because you know it wont actually help them? Rose bar? Did your mommy just give you your allowance or something? LOL.

Aww David. Well that same criteria wouldn't describe you. You don't try to lie about your identity for social status, instead of actually earn the social status you desire. I'm also assuming that you don't live at home being supported by your mother and actually have a job, a profession, or are a student and do something besides drink your allowance money away and tell fairy tales on the internet. So, although 40 is way older than I'd normally consider, there could at least be a chance Kris on the other hand? Besides being very average looking, he's very tasteless and lacks class. From his poor grammar, to his desperation to impress others. Everything about him screams low self esteem phony, and nothing about that is attractive. Hate me for it if you want, but it's the truth and the overwhelming majority of women would agree. What Kris needs is a clean slate, a fresh start and a commitment to not being a fake.

Supriem -David Rockefeller:
Interesting that you keep hinting I am a con man, how come if I have changed my name and plagiarized the Rockefellers as you say, there has never been a cease and desist issued to me by them?? I have used S.D. Rockefeller Holdings Ltd. as my company's legal business name since 2002. I will tell you what Claire, see if Paula Mueller, David Rockefeller's attorney has anything bad to say about me and then I will talk to you further. Until, then, you have proven you have nothing else going on in your life by spending so much time commenting about me. Best of luck in your future endeavors Miss van Denberg.

Supriem-David Rockefeller

Posting someone's address online is considered cyber-stalking and is illegal(Claire, as proof, had posted the address in TN where Kris aka Supriem lives with his mother)

Claire Van Denberg:
Cease and desist what? Do you even know what a cease and desist order is for WITHOUT googling it? You continue to demonstrate your lack of business and legal acumen.The only conversations about you that have occurred about you at Rockefeller is what an idiot your are, and whether or not you are really worth the effort of pursuing legal recourse You are a gnat on their windshield. What does your name decision on your corporation have to do with this? Oh that's right, NOTHING. I can name a corporation Rockefeller Rothschild Warburg Medici Sex Toys and Porn Ltd. What you named a corporation you registered with the state for $100 means nothing, so why are you mentioning it? LOL, personal insults and threats? Pretty typical reaction from low self esteem beta males who get rejected by women. Their fragile self esteem can't take it so they turn confrontational. Poor baby, are you scared? I'll take it down then for you, don't cry. LOL, it's funny that YOU want to say something to others about commenting on the internet. I have only done this on 1-2 morning, but it's most of your sorry life.

P.S.: You don't have an address for me to post. The aforementioned address is your mommy and step daddy's.

Claire Van Denberg:
The only bullshitters in this story are Kris Raynes and you. You have made several false statements JUST in this conversation, what's worse is that you haven't apologized or corrected yourself on them. This is something you do alot in your writing. Why are you trying to obfuscate things? Then, there's me who has NOT MADE ONE SINGLE FALSE STATEMENT, and I challenge you to prove otherwise. You have behaviors of many people who are deceptive, you cherry pick and chose the pieces of information you want to respond to, then ignore the rest.

The Rockefellers don't need my protection, trust me. I don't know of any Rockefeller mass murdering, and I do know for a fact of their numerous contributions to science, genetics, the arts, business, and commerce.

Further, this is completely beside the point. EVEN IF EVERYTHING YOU SAY ABOUT THE ROCKEFELLERS IS TRUE, KRIS RAYNES STILL HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ROCKEFELLERS AT ALL. The Rockefeller family has never had ANYTHING to do with Kris Raynes/Supriem Rockefeller. He legally changed his name from his birth name of Kris Raynes. THAT IS THE UNDERLYING POINT HERE. Whether or not you think Rockefellers are mass murdering demons who eat babies doesn't change the fact that Kris never had anything to do with them and they had never heard of him until this internet publicity campaign he launched. I have spoken to 2 (real) Rockefellers personally, as well as the staff of the Rockefeller family office. Kris Raynes is not an actual Rockefeller by birth or by adoption. Kris Raynes does not know George Bush or any other world leaders. Kris Raynes IS a high school drop out who lives with his mom
Those are the facts of this issue, period. What you do or don't think about the real Rockefeller family does not change them. What don't you get about that?

Wes Penre:
Wow, you've been busy while I've been gone, Claire. And Supriem has been on here as well, I can see.

Well, I really have a hard time figuring you out, because something with you doesn't add up.

Anyway, I guess you do what you want to do and I'll do what I want to do. Doesn't concern me. But I hope you can start backing up your claims or else it's just hearsay.

Supriem actually got a point here: why don't you show us something that backs up your claims about what the Rockefeller family said about SDR plus everything else about his background that you seem so sure about? David Rockefeller's lawyer sounds like a good idea to start with...

Well, actually, it seems like the Rockefellers havent' even heard about you... Makes me wonder, what do you REALLY want?

Claire Van Denberg:
Kris hasn't denied any of the facts I've stated, hence agreeing with them by default. What about me doesn't "add up"? What claims need backing up? Kris hasn't denied any of them because they are all true. He has been warned by Rockefeller staff not to do so. Further, they aren't MY claims. Various spokespeople for Rockefeller entities have said that they haven't heard of him and that they have no idea who he is. Of course NOW a couple of them have heard of him due to his relentless online spam campaign. The fellow investigating the Temple Institute story is just one example. I have personally spoken with two actual Rockefellers which said the same thing- and the Rockefeller family isn't very large...

You are the last person who needs to be talking about verifying claims. What about verifying your claims that Kris is friends with George Bush, and sends demons to harass people, and has dark horned figures that do his bidding, or any number of other comically absurd claims you have made about a high school drop out in TN. What about verifying some of that. It's just highly comical that you would choose to go there.

Also, that's not David Rockefellers attorney- that's an attorney for Rockefeller Financial. Kris didn't even know who the hell she was until they started calling his old friends asking who he was and whether or not he was using the Rockefeller name to solicit funds. Kris' old friend then called Kris to inform him that they had called they were making inquiries. That's how Kris even found out who she was in the first place. I know the whole story FROM THE ROCKEFELLER side. If YOU want verification then PM me and I'll connect you with the friend. I can't guarantee that he'll talk, but you can certainly ask!

And no, it doesn't "seem like the Rockefellers haven't heard about me". That doesn't make sense, and you are just blowing smoke again. Most importantly, Kris hasn't denied any of what I've said! In fact, Kris just tried to divert the subject by asking me out! He has been warned by people from Rockefeller to not claim that he's related to them or associated with them in any way whatsoever. That's why he won't refute it. Notice how he hasn't denied any of it? If you want to verify it, you could contact Rockefeller or the people he used to work for at cool springs wine and spirits, or any of the people who have known him for many years. It just depends on what you actually want to verify. But all the facts I have stated are undisputed, hence he's agreeing with them de facto. Why do you think he wet his diaper so bad when I posted the address where he lives with his Mom? Think about it.

More to come! There are other conversations I`ve been provided with. "

*The Major Detected Lie Made In The Above Message Thread Told by Supriem: In This Specific Chat Log; In Supriem's Very Own Words:

-The compilation and re-cap of his combined linked many lies with evidence-

  • Much of this chat exchange had to do with the throwing of words around. Although much of it is relevant and true as to who & what Supriem/Kris really is, the most notable lie told here in this above conversation; and I must point out yet again in this report; as I quote from Supriem's very own words from above:
                 "..I have used S.D. Rockefeller Holdings Ltd. as my company's legal business name since 2002."

  •   The biggest lie quoted to point out; clipped from the above chat log is because; as provided already in the above State of Delaware Corporate registry records regarding the formation of S.D. Rockefeller Holdings LLC we have highlighted this again and again above; that in the Delaware State records, it  clearly shows  that S.D. Rockefeller Holdings LLC. was first registered as a- Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) on 8/26/06,[Is Delaware lying?] which is several years before 2002 as Supriem clearly lies about to Claire van Denberg in this above thread recent chat conversation. Ask yourself why would he lie? Could he be a liar in general? I'll just let the contrary evidence supported by Delaware state records speak for it self.
  • He also makes this related claim on just one of his his famous already proven faked press releases provided above; which itself was made a full 35 days before S.D. Rockefeller Holdings LLC was even registered by The State of Delaware to exist; only on paper even then, might I add, his lies always come together in some way.
  • This recorded conversation involving Supriem himself, in his very own words, should attest & attribute too the true caliper of the man whom he really is, and most importantly- really is not, it's not solely based upon opinion alone, but rather by contrary documented State evidence, which all goes to show the character and type of man who Supriem really is.
  • I think that when genuine scheming deceptive liars  are so far away from their own previously told lies by the measure of several years past time, that they will eventually slip up and forget about just how searchable their already before told lies really are, this must be the case with Supriem/Kris,  let common logical sense decide about the overwhelming documented evidence provided here.

Rockefeller Family Attorney Denies Any Links
With Supriem Rockefeller


Posted: Wed May 19, 2010 8:48 am

" I am counsel to Rockefeller Financial and am writing in response to your inquiry to my client about an individual named Supriem David Rockefeller. Please direct all future correspondence in this matter to my attention.

I confirm on behalf of my client that whoever this person is, he("Supriem Rockefeller") has no connection to or relationship my clients David Rockefeller, Rockefeller & Co., Rockefeller Financial or the Rockefeller Trust Company. If there is any other information about this person that you can provide (how did he contact you, what information did he send to you that suggested a connection with my client), that would be helpful.

-James Weinberger

James D. Weinberger | Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, P.C.

866 United Nations Plaza | New York, New York 10017
Fax: (212) 813-5901 | "


The True Witness Testimony From Just One of Supriem's

Known Former Scam Victim's:

This very credible compelling testimony was posted on Disclose TV on April 27, 2010,
by a former struggling artist in Franklin, Tennessee.


Who would post this for no reason following the Claire Van Denberg report just to waste their time doing it; unless they were really one of his victims?

I have since tracked down and talked to this man, and he has confirmed that, the photo identity of Supriem, known to him as Kris Raynes back then, to be the man that scammed him out of his very limited hard earned money. [Supriem gave him no mercy when ripping him off; he took full advantage of him]

Quote from Supriem's faked press release:
("..That's The Supriem Standard.")
It's quite fitting.

 [Remember in this report; above on how I stated Supriem knows how to scam the Art Industry, It also lines up in principle with his scamming the Art industry faked Piet Mondrian painting shown above, he's been at the scamming art/ists game for quite a long time now and this just happen to take place in Franklin,TN. The same city where Kris/Supriem worked as a cashier before he got arrested for stealing from his cash till at the time]

(The hand really fits the glove; combined with all the other above verified evidence.)

" Yeah, fraud is right! I was just made aware of this topic thread, and I can’t believe it! I was
directed here by an ex-acquaintance of Kris. Let me explain. I was a fraud victim of Kris as well.
My name is Art, and I met Kris at Uptown’s smoke shop in Franklin, TN. I am an (ironically) an
artist. I ran into a guy who used to work at Uptowns, where I knew Kris from and he told me
about all this!

Well, I got to speaking with Kris regularly, because he was at Uptown’s smoke shop every day.
He told me that he’d advise me on how to most profitably sell my art or the art of others, and that
what I really needed to do was set up a phony non profit organization. This way, I wouldn’t have
to pay taxes, but I’d have to at least appear to give 50 percent of my earnings to charity.

 He said then I could sell my art through “charitable auctions”, and “charity fund raiser events” but in
reality I could keep most of it. He explained that I would get more buyers this way because they
would get a tax write off and would do it for charity, but with his help I could keep nearly all of
the money anyways. He claimed that he would set things up for me and all we needed to get
started were the incorporation fees. There was other parts which I don’t fully remember and
didn’t even understand at the time, about Nevada corporations, anonymous corporate directors,
and blind trusts. I wont try to go into that, because I don’t remember it.

Well, being a desperate struggling artist with very little money, I was tempted. Besides, I figured
that I could always do what I was supposed to and give the full half to charity. Also, I really saw
the value in the marketing side of it.

Kris claimed that all he needed to get started were the incorporation fees which were roughly
$1500. I had some doubts about his credibility, because it was clear to me he was trying to sound
more intelligent than he really was. He was trying to use big words, but was misusing them. It
was clear to me that he was really trying to sound smart, which kind of set off a bullshit alert,
which I overlooked because I was so excited about the pipe dream he was selling me. He really
had me excited me with visions of selling lots of my art at exclusive, swanky charitable art
auctions with wealthy elite attendants. He told me he could help get people to my events because
of all his contacts with elite types after we got things up and running too. I guess I was just
intoxicated by all this hype.

I overcame my misgivings about his credibility, because he told me he had a Phd in International
Finance. When I asked him about it he showed me his college transcripts! He told me he had
another Phd in artificial intelligence. Plus he was always hanging out with that Jaden guy who
was clearly dripping with money. He drove a Porsche Boxter convertible, wore expensive
clothes etc, and he and Kris were always hanging out together and talking about financial stuff,
so that also made me believe in his legitimacy. Even though Kris drove a beat up 80s pontiac and
looked scraggly and poor, I figured it was because he was in school getting his Phd, and hadn’t
been working. After all of this, much too late, I looked up the school that was on his transcripts
and it was a diploma mill which sells BS degrees!

So, I worked hard for months and made lots of sacrifices to be able to pay the piper, with the
motivation that all these visions of being a successful artist and staring in charity art auctions
gave me. Finaly, over a month later, I had the money. I was even late on other bills and rent so as
to be able to do it quicker.

Well, he said it takes some time for non profit status to get approved. That sounded reasonable,
so I didn’t freak out. Well after a couple of weeks, Kris disappeared altogether from the smoke
shop. This was apparently very unusual, since he spent hours there every day before.
Well at this point I began fearing the worst, and I decided to quit going to the smoke shop. I
thought that since he was friends with everyone there, they’d tell him that I was always there
asking about him. So I quit going, and just waited and watched from a distance. Surely enough,
after a week or so, he showed back up.

 I came in and asked him what the deal was, and
demanded information or evidence that he had done something. He assured me that things were
being done, and that he had some crazy personal things happen that he couldn’t go into, and that
he should have communicated with me more, and he’s sorry he didn’t. He said he didn’t have the
proof on hand with him right there and I couldn’t expect him to have the proof on him at random.
Like an idiot I believed him, although hesitantly. Then of course he disappeared again and I
eventually just quit trying to go after him. I didn’t have enough money to hire a lawyer, and even
if I were to save it, it would cost more than the $1500 or so I paid him for a lawyer to go after

I just chocked it up to experience, and tried to learn a lesson from it. This guy is definitely a
fraudster and nothing more. He’s not a fucking Rockefeller give me a break. If anyone has
contact info on him now, let me know. I’d like to look into how much it would be to sue him
now! This guys is a cruel scamming financial predator. Selling people dreams and pulling the rug
out from underneath them after they pay him!
He was a fast talking chain smoker. He caused me lots of anguish. I hope he gets busted, he
should be brought to justice.


When Art was asked on the forum why he came forward at this specific time, he answered:
May 1, 2010:

I just came forward because like I said I just now became aware of this! I ran into a guy who
used to work at Uptowns and he told me all about this! I couldn’t believe it when I first heard
everything he had to say.thought I had heard the last of that guy. I The encounters were all in
2001-2002 mostly at Uptowns smoke shop in Franklin, TN. Since then Uptowns has closed that
location and opened in the Green Hills area of Nashville, right across from Green Hills Mall. I
still go there occasionally. Believe me I would have come sooner, but I didn’t know about all of
this. So, I talked to a lawyer and unfortunately there’s probably not much I can do about it
legally. Since it happened over a year ago it’s past the statute of limitations, meaning it is too far
in the past to prosecute according to Tennessee law. But at least I can share my experience and
warn everyone else! "

  •  All The Supporting Evidence Above Really Validates
This Compelling Victim Witness Statement.

-Ask yourself, does Supriem's presented character so far fit this exact type of scam victimizing; like a glove?-


-A Major Israeli State News Agency In 2009 Published:

 This Scam Report About Supriem Rockefeller-

-Source: Israel National News Agency & The Temple Institute.

The Original News Link URL is Found Here:

The Press Release Made By Supriem & Frank Love In Red Text Below:

January 29, 2010: 12:01 AM ET

"Supriem David Rockefeller and the Rebuilding of the 3rd Jewish Temple in Addition to Frank Love Commencing the "Temple Now Project"

Kinti Holdings Group (KMLD) (OTCBB: KMLD) President, Frank Love, and Director Supriem David Rockefeller, states the following, "Kinti Holdings will be raising funds to go towards building the third Temple in Jerusalem in strict co-ordinance with The Temple Institute, Rabbi Hiam Richman and The Palestinian National Interest Committee (PNIC) and supporting Husam Bajis for President of Palestine. Prince Husam Bajis and the PNIC support our mission to build the Temple and to create a One Israel-Palestine state.

About Kinti Holdings Group. We are a division of Kinti Mining Lmtd. that is publicly traded under ticker symbol (KMLD). Our corporation has 50 Million shares Authorized, issued and outstanding, with approximately 80% being held tight within the corporation and its friendly stakeholders.

Please visit our website ( for our disclaimer and links to the "Temple Now Project" and Temple Institute."

The Major News Agency Published Report That Followed Their Press Release In Response To It, In Blue Text Below:

" In response to wide-spread reports that the Temple Institute of Jerusalem has linked up with "Supriem David Rockefeller" in a scheme to raise funds for the "rebuilding of the Third Temple," the Temple Institute has issued the following disclaimer:
"The Temple Institute strongly protests the use of its name and that of Rabbi Chaim Richman in a series of fraudulent press releases and advertising claims that are now circulating on the Internet.
"The Temple Institute has no relationship with Kinti Mining Group, “Supriem David Rockefeller,” Frank Love, or the “Temple Now Project.” Their claims that they “will be raising funds to go towards building the third Temple in Jerusalem in strict co-ordinance with the Temple Institute and Rabbi Hiam Richman [sp]” are false and malicious, and their apparent intentions are to take advantage of the Temple Institute’s sincere supporters and rob them of funds. The Temple Institute advises its friends and supporters to avoid being taken in by this scam. We hereby reiterate and reassure our friends and supporters that these groups and individuals are not authorized to represent the Institute, speak in its name, or to solicit or collect funds designated for the Holy Temple, in any manner whatsoever."

Here is Supriem Rockefeller's official statement in response.

" We are not out to mislead anyone, in anyway, so let me clear this up. The Kinti press release said Kinti would be supporting The Temple Institute and working "in conjunction"  with them in order to build the Third Temple. Kinti is not out to "steal" people's money, Kinti was merely set to make donations to The Temple Institute to go to the great cause of the The 3rd Temple.

My personal goal is not to build a Temple that saves one race, I am of GD and want a Temple that unites all races. I stand by my support of the PNIC and an Israel-Palestine One State Solution. In the end, GD is the ultimate judge and my actions to try and help The Temple Institute and the people of Palestine will be seen by the world as truly sincere. I ask that all people in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities give me their support for the Holy vision of uniting all of GD's children.

I will do anything to see the Third Temple built except alienate other races in the process. If I have offended the Jewish community in my support for Palestine and Israel uniting, I ask you to see GD's vision and not the vision of a biased nature. The only certainty is uncertainty, so in these times of tribulation I ask that we all stand together as One.

If anyone saw Kinti's work as a scam, I sincerely apologize for all we wanted to do was help raise money for The Temple Institute but at the same time bringing in funds for the Palestinian National Interest Committee. I am on GD's mission and will continue my work of having a One State Palestine-Israel.

With GD's blessings,

(...More Related News Reports:)

Source: The Temple Institute & WorldNetDaily

Original URL for this following major news report found at:

" Will Rockefeller build 3rd Temple? Internet abuzz with report of biblical proportions ..."

[Red & Blue text, is my emphasis]

Reprinted from WorldNetDaily
Thursday, February 4, 2010

JERUSALEM – A Rockefeller is raising capital to rebuild the Jewish Temple, said the news release published on CNN Money's Internet site and other news sources.

The plan would include a united Jewish and Palestinian Arab state. A Jewish group promoting the rebuilding of the Temple was reported to be cooperating.

The story spread virally through the evangelical Christian blogosphere. But it was all part of an elaborate hoax [scam].

The release, filed with MarketWire and republished at, claims "Supriem David Rockefeller" is director of a company, Kinti Holdings group, which is working with a Jewish Temple organization to rebuild the Third Temple.

States the release: "Kinti Holdings will be raising funds to go towards building the Third Temple in Jerusalem in strict coordinance with The Temple Institute, Rabbi Hiam Richman and The Palestinian National Interest Committee (PNIC) and supporting Husam Bajis for President of Palestine."

Richman, international director of the Temple Institute, a Jewish Temple activist group, told WND the release is a "scam."

"The Temple Institute strongly protests the use of its name and that of Rabbi Chaim Richman in a series of fraudulent press releases and advertising claims that are now circulating on the Internet," read the Temple Institute's official response to the release.

Understanding the future from the past, get "Prophecies for the Era of Muslim Terror"

Continued the Institute's response: "The claims made by these men ... are false and malicious, and their apparent intentions are to take advantage of the Temple Institute's sincere supporters and rob them of funds. The Temple Institute advises its friends and supporters to avoid being taken in by this scam."

The original "Rockefeller" press release about rebuilding the Third Temple, however, has been spreading like wildfire on Christian websites and blogs.

The release was filed with MarketWire, a leading newswire service. A spokesman for Marketwire did not immediately return a WND request for comment. Is it not uncommon for newswire services to post releases without first fact-checking the content. routinely reprints business press releases.

The company that filed the release, Kinti Holdings, has a track record of making strange announcements.

On Monday, Kinti filed a release using the Rockefeller name and claiming it is seeking "a debt/equity swap" with "any and all national brand name corporations."

Another release claimed the company is partnering with "Supriem David Rockefeller" and his "$500 million" worth of entertainment business. The release says Rockefeller is a "financial magnate with strong ties to the entertainment industry."

Yesterday, hours after a WND request for comment on the Third Temple announcement was sent to the sole e-mail address listed for Kinti, the company posted a statement claiming, "Kinti is now conducting Due Diligence of a Major National Brand Name Chain concerning debt for equity and will enter into a mandatory quiet period."

The "management" section of Kinti's website states, "All of the previous Officers, Directors and Board of Directors have resigned. Richard Byrd has been appointed the new CEO and the only member of the Board of Directors."

The company claims to own a mine in Guyana, South America, but doesn't specify where the mine is other than pointing to a Google Earth map. The site posts a picture of what it claims is a mining permit from Guyana.

Who is Supriem David Rockefeller?

As for "Supriem David Rockefeller"? A spokesman for the Rockefeller Foundation told WND he doesn't exist.

A routine web search for the name brings up scores of conspiracy websites claiming, among other things, that "Supriem" is a secretive 34-year old heir to the Rockefeller dynasty who is fighting for a New World Order.

One site says it found Supriem really is a con artist and convicted thief who goes by different names and lives in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Some outlandish claims about "Surpiem" include:

  • Supriem has DNA from different races, including Anunnaki, Draco Triple Helix, Elohim and more. He has triple helix blue blood in a chimera state with red blood and more than one DNA sequence, which is what chimera is. His triple helix is the reptilian blood.
  • Supriem has a fortune in the trillions and is seeking to finance a high-speed bullet train.
  • Supriem exerts enormous influence over Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Henry Kissinger, who are working on a "counter-New World Order."

Rebuilding Third Temple

While the Third Temple press release may be a hoax[scam], the Temple Institute is anything but. The group is involved in restoring a Jewish presence to the Temple Mount, where current Israeli laws bar Jews from ascending the Mount during most hours of the day while Muslims are granted nearly 24-hour access.

The Temple Institute also focuses on preparation for the rebuilding of the Third Temple. The group has been preparing ritual objects suitable for Temple use. Many of the more than 90 ritual items to be used in the Temple have been re-made to the highest standards the Temple Institute.

The First Temple was built by King Solomon in the 10th century B.C. It was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 B.C. The Second Temple was rebuilt in 515 B.C. after Jerusalem was freed from Babylonian captivity. That temple was destroyed by the Roman Empire in A.D. 70. Each temple stood for a period of about four centuries.

The Temple was the center of religious worship for ancient Israelites. It housed the Holy of Holies, which contained the Ark of the Covenant and was said to be the area upon which God's presence dwelt. All biblical holidays centered on worship at the Temple. The Temples served as the primary location for the offering of sacrifices and were the main gathering place for Israelites.

According to the Talmud, the world was created from the foundation stone of the Temple Mount. It's believed to be the biblical Mount Moriah, the location where Abraham fulfilled God's test to see if he would be willing to sacrifice his son Isaac.

The Temple Mount has remained a focal point for Jewish services for thousands of years. Prayers for a return to Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the Temple have been uttered by Jews since the Second Temple was destroyed, according to Jewish tradition.

The Al Aqsa Mosque was constructed in about A.D. 709 to serve as a shrine near another shrine, the Dome of the Rock, which was built by an Islamic caliph. Al Aqsa was meant to mark what Muslims came to believe was the place at which Muhammad, the founder of Islam, ascended to heaven to receive revelations from Allah.

Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Quran. It is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible 656 times.

Islamic tradition states Muhammad took a journey in a single night on a horse from "a sacred mosque" – believed to be in Mecca in southern Saudi Arabia – to "the farthest mosque" and from a rock there ascended to heaven. The farthest mosque became associated with Jerusalem about 120 years ago.

According to research by Israeli Author Shmuel Berkovits, Islam historically disregarded Jerusalem as being holy. Berkovits points out in his new book, "How Dreadful Is this Place!" that Muhammad was said to loathe Jerusalem and what it stood for. He wrote Muhammad made a point of eliminating pagan sites of worship and sanctifying only one place – the Kaaba in Mecca – to signify the unity of God.

As late as the 14th century, Islamic scholar Taqi al-Din Ibn Taymiyya, whose writings influenced the Wahhabi movement in Arabia, ruled that sacred Islamic sites are to be found only in the Arabian Peninsula and that "in Jerusalem, there is not a place one calls sacred, and the same holds true for the tombs of Hebron."

A guide to the Temple Mount by the Supreme Muslim Council in Jerusalem published in 1925 listed the Mount as Jewish and as the site of Solomon's Temple. The Temple Institute acquired a copy of the official 1925 "Guide Book to Al-Haram Al-Sharif," which states on page 4, "Its identity with the site of Solomon's Temple is beyond dispute. This, too, is the spot, according to universal belief, on which 'David built there an altar unto the Lord.'"

Aaron Klein, WorldNetDaily's senior staff reporter and Jerusalem bureau chief, is known for his regular interviews with Mideast terror leaders and his popular segments on America's top radio programs. His newly released book is "The Late Great State of Israel: How Enemies Within and Without Threaten the Jewish Nation's Survival."

Things to consider from the above published official independent

 major news agency reports are:

  • This is a major state news agency outlet reporting about Supriem, prompted by a complaint report from a real legitimated organization "The Temple Institute" that was victimized by Supriem and his accomplices.
  • Notice the single word in underlined bold black text from the original Kinti Mining press release found in this snip-it quote: "Kinti Holdings will be raising funds to go towards building the third Temple in Jerusalem in strict co-ordinance with The Temple Institute..." clearly suggesting that they were in direct joint cooperation with the Temple Institute and/or working with their blessing, in an effort, consisting of a donation intake website and all, to collect donations, from faithful unsuspecting donor victims, seemingly on behalf of The Temple Institute's endorsement of their temple fund raising attempt, which was in reality, to only get all solicited funds for themselves.
  • Now notice the said referenced; one single word changed, made by Supriem in his own responding press release; to the Temple Institutes rebuke, found here in this snip-it: "..The Kinti press release said Kinti would be supporting The Temple Institute and working in conjunction with them in order to build the Third Temple..." with this one word differential, Supriem is trying to turn it around, by stating that they were only working by self ambition, independently in support of The Temple Institute. oh what a difference a single word makes, Supriem clearly tries to put a spin doctor move on this one single word to justify their actions and sprinkle some sugar on it- everybody likes sugar right? Wrong! Not this kind of deceptive sugar topping; that's just his way of twisting the truth, and is most notable as a lie, in his responding press release, he knew the difference that the one single word posed, so he just spun it for what it was worth, in order to try and save face, but we can see The Temple Institute wasn't so fooled. Mr. Supriem Rockefeller just doesn't work to benefit anyone else, but his own own pocket.
  • When these reports came out, they stemmed from, a then, fully current alliance Supriem had with Kinti Mining in a joint venture which Supriem himself was directly involved in deep with Kinti according to his very own press release.
  • Now doesn't the evidence about who and what Supriem really is, just keep mounting from across the globe?
  • Ask yourself, is this just all a impossible coincidence; that victims are coming out of the wood work; reporting about their legitimate complaints?
  • As the evidence keeps on stacking up against Supriem/Kris, one should really re-evaluate who and what this man really is.
Related Sub Topic:

-The Frank Love related; Kinti Mining Joint Venture Scam That Failed-

  • In Early 2009 Supriem linked up with a well known "Pump and Dump Penny Stock Scam Artist" named Frank Love of Kinti Mining resulting in the above published reports. At the time of their joint venture it was insanely announced on yet again many free press release web site's (As usual) that Kinti, which is a fictitious mining company to start with; just signed a; get this, 500 hundred million dollar entertainment industry deal; backed and guaranteed by Supriem's own money; In that press release they were falsely claiming to have the licensing rights to market the famous Beatles song catalog sold in a (USB device) they also announced that they had never heard before content to be included on that musical storage USB device, they also stated other famous well known major music label bands such as Pink Floyd etc. would also be available on their exclusive technology music storage device.
  • It was announced then in that press how valuable this capital venture was to investors and how important it was to get in early on purchasing Kinti Mining stock; as it was about to take off being worth a fortune (Typical pump and dump stock scam tactic) I will also add that this venture stock grab was only available to be purchased off the penny share Pink Sheets and not on any major stock index.
  • Ask yourself what on earth would a supposed mining company have anything at all to do with an Entertainment industry business venture?

  • Answer: it is just as easy to form a fictitious mining company, like S.D. Rockefeller Holdings LLC, and also due to the fact, that their permits are applied for in third world countries to start; with no possible way to verify they are real, so the mine really never  has to exist. What a perfect front for a company that never even existed.
  • It was directly after Supriem and Frank Love's attempt to execute their joint venture Pump & Dump stock scam; which failed to attract anyone foolish enough to purchase any of Kinti Mining bogus stock; that they both then focused their conjoined efforts on scamming The Temple Institute's faithful donors. Soon after even that failed, Supriem tucked his tail between his legs like a coward, and cast all the blame for the Israel National News report on Frank Love, when after all he was there from the start, but the truth is in all honesty when you use common sense logic to determine it, you can clearly see, that they were both, in fact equally guilty for attempting to scam The Temple Institute; and they got caught as a result of their futile efforts.

Conspiracy Theory Writers & Blogs

-The Conspiracy Theory Saga Continues- Despite The Overwhelming Contrary Evidence-

  • Wes Penre is just one person among others, who has written extensively about Supriem since early 2009, and it has been an, on again, off again, saga to say the least, he has many different opinions that are very far out there, based only upon conspiracy theory, but then again, one must remember, he is after all a talented conspiracy theory writer; so his more than likely preferred path of writing, will predominately always lean on unproven speculated conspiracy theory notions , that is his right to do so, and after all believing in speculation, is the very nature of the beast to begin with, when it comes to the popular conspiracy theory writing scene.
  • Much of what Wes Penre still continues to report about, regarding Supriem, Came from a totally unconfirmed anonymous source email patron, who is "supposedly" from the U.S Air Force, go figure, whom goes by the name of Brad Pruit. Most of all the so called mysterious details of Supriem's life came from this unconfirmed source, by and far as reported by Wes Penre in the past; Wes currently gives more merit to this source, then the source of proven documented records, or any other for that matter, I am certain that this source Wes' bought into, was only one of Supriem's own phantom personalities, feeding him lies to serve the purpose of the ongoing deception, but to this day, Wes Penre still chooses to give it merit. But hey, Wes Penre is entitled to his own self very sincere beliefs in Supriem; we must give him that.

  • Wes' biggest accomplishment with regards to the entire Supriem saga is based upon the words: "I believe in conspiracy theory, more so than documented facts", but he did write an e-book recently based upon the fact findings of this report called "Supriem Rockefeller aka Kris Raynes, The Life Of A True Con Artist", but he has since refuted it, due to the reason he states it as, inaccurate or inconclusive, when this Supriem Rockefeller related piece that he wrote was the only material that he ever did write about Supriem, that actually was the most accurate & conclusive, due to the plain clear and apparent fact, that it did actually have undeniable documented verifiable evidence provided with it, contrary to anything else he has written prior, so it's pretty strange how he downplays his own e-book for such reasons as he states .

  • Wes Penre & others like to explore conspiracy theory; and many people including Wes Penre, despite the truth was revealed, maintain their sincere belief that, there's somehow a possibility of Supriem being something more, other than a con artist, even though the already documented confirmed verified evidence reveals otherwise in contrast, but that is their prerogative, and right to do so, I can only say, let the supported evidence of truth, which is now clearly known; be weighed properly against conspiracy theory, that is very implausible, because of the entire now known facts around the myth of Supriem.
  • I think it's necessary to examine an important sounding conspiracy theory just as much as the next guy, but usually, it will need some degree of plausibility to sustain my attention, and not something already tainted by verified documented court records and name records, that which overwhelmingly proves it wrong to the contrary, and there are other conspiracy writers; who see, that once common sense has dictated the obvious, in contrast to them, there in plain sight, they yield at that point of absolute discovery of facts,  or better yet, sometimes those other writers just smell a rat from the start, and so they never even go down the road of reporting about something or someone, that is as ridiculous as it sounds to begin with.
  • Coincidentally it is all the supporting conspiracy articles and blogs that help Supriem Rockefeller fly below the radar because it gives him the chance to point it all out as just another crazy thing written about him, despite the factual and verifiable evidence, that is now known about who and what he really is. So it is sort of his smoke screen he likes and he will use whatever explanation that best defends him; using all of it combined, to his denial of the truth about who he truly is.
  • This isn't about the lack of being an open minded person, or not being constructive with the possibility, of an already proven fake imposter being some kind of a legitimate player on the world ruling scene, but rather it leans on the supporting people of such insane notions and their unwillingness to read between the obvious lies that were revealed & confirmed to them.
  • Some may try to reason that; time will only tell, well lets admit, that, time has already told now, because it has.  And it only takes some common sense thinking to adapt this clear logic to the reasoning and consideration of it all, to see the truth about Supriem for what it is.


The Henry Makow Ph.d. Report From HenryMakow.Com About Supriem:


There was more than one person who wrote about Supriem, and I'd have to say this was one of the more accurate reports of it all.

" Is this Psy-op a Portent?

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

It's disturbing when a respected Illuminati researcher like Wes Penre is taken in by a psy-op. But we can learn from his mistake, and also glean some credible information from the lies directed at him.

I like Wes and admire his website Illuminati where he often posts my material. However, I don't intend to compound his error.

Starting in January, Penre has written an astonishing five-part series about a Tennessee-based, 35-year-old playboy- tycoon who Penre says is literally the incarnation of Lucifer but "redeemed." [Penre has pulled this series- see below][Now named the "Lord Marduk Series"] It's all hush-hush and Penre's life is in danger.  He has been contacted by defectors who said young Supriem David Rockefeller dictates to the likes of Henry Kissinger, Zbig Brzezinski and George H.W. Bush. He is going to save mankind by instituting a benevolent New World Order. He wants to atone for the Rebellion against God which is the source of all of mankind's problems. He wants us to accept his rule so he can clean up the mess. (Right, and I have some land in Florida...)

"I truly do believe Supriem is Lucifer, " Penre says. Penre's acceptance of this hoax is worrisome. If an intelligent, rational person like Wes Penre can succumb, what will happen to the rest of us?


Penre explains Supriem's originswith a comic book legend straight out of Superman.  Supriem's  grandfather worked at Area 51 and met aliens "who told of the Supreme child who will be born in 1974 who will be the true Messiah, God incarnate and only part human. The child will have to choose which path to travel, to bring Revelations in the Bible to fruition or bring the planet into light and life from the Urantia book."

Penre was told each President of the United States has a Urantia Book in their office. It is known as the Blue Book, that is why the USAF called the UFO investigation Project Blue Book. "If this is true, it makes sense why people like Bush, Clinton, Obama and most of the other Presidents throughout history have eagerly worked towards the goal of a One World Government."

Evidently this psy-op is about substituting a Luciferian narrative --the Urantia Book-- for the Bible. It is about shifting the moorings of Western civilization from Judeo Christian to occult foundations.

Penre writes: "In 1974 there was a crash with 5 alien survivors that was taken to Barksdale AFB where Supriem's mother was on base, but as a civilian - Supriem does not want her name revealed at this point in time....They took her to meet the alien race and she said the next day she found out she was pregnant with Supriem."

"So in essence, it was an immaculate conception ... she did not have sex with any of these aliens -- she couldn't have, because Supriem has DNA from different races, including Anunnaki, Draco Triple Helix, Elohim and more. He has triple helix blue blood in a chimera state with red blood and more than one DNA sequence, which is what chimera is. His triple helix is the reptilian blood."

The Rockefellers "knew who he was" and formally adopted him. The source won't say which one, but he acted as a mentor and set young Lucifer up in businesses. Penre has confirmed they include banking information systems, satellite communications and some secret laser weaponry which will decapacitate any nations reluctant to accept his dominion.

We have heard about "predictive programming." This lore suggests that movies and comic books might be preparing mankind for the New World Order. We are being dumbed down to the point that we might actually accept their premises as real. Penre has done an article on the movie "The Iron Man" which relates the hero's redemption to Supriem's.

Like a movie superhero, Supriem  "has a chest implant that is not from Earth. It is alien nanotechnology that is at least a million years more advanced than anything we have here; it also regulates the energy in his body."

"He keeps the implant charged by ingesting mono-atomic Platinum and Gold along with about 60 other trace elements. He takes it everyday in liquid form and another in a thick white powder. His body is more electric than several humans combined. Without this implant, he wouldn't be able to function in a 3 density body; he's too powerful. But now, with this implant, his energy can be regulated so his body won't blow to pieces by his spiritual power."

"Supriem doesn't read, he mentally photographs pages up to five million words per minute. That is not a typo, five million. One of his closest military men has seen him go through an entire book as fast as you can turn the pages but he does it with the book turned upside down and he goes and starts at the back. He also has a 100% recall rate. His memory is scary!
 Supriem is a Master of "everything" ...

He also has a hot girlfriend "Hathor" whom he "reanimated" from an Egyptian queen. He is also known by the name "Chris Hanes" and pretends to be regular party guy. But that is just a disguise. I can't believe my friend believes this nonsense.


According to Penre's sources, the NWO is going to be called the "Allied Union" and the world currency will be the "Allied Unit."  There will be no coins or paper, just chips and units on a computer screen.

"Their first priority is complete nationalizing the mortgage industry, next is nationalizing the banking industry. We, the people, will be told that the solution is just temporary, but they intend to keep it permanent....

"Most people at this point in time think that gold prices are going to soar, but according to an Insider, Supriem is actually planning on crashing the gold. No one believes it will crash, and lots of people are buying it. This time next year gold will be under $300/ounce and they will have killed GE, BofA, Citi Bank and others just like AIG,  so it all can be Nationalized."

Penre says the Power Elite don't call themselves the Illuminati. ..."Inside their organization they call their Inner Core "The Priesthood of Amen" and the Outer Circle is called "Lucifer's Web". The Inner Circle of the Priesthood consists of 12 High priests, and from my understanding Supriem is number 13; same numerology as Jesus and his twelve disciples as well as King Arthur and his 12 Knights of the Round Table."

"Lucifer's Web controls world banking, The Media, even the military, including NATO, UN, and the Intelligence and Space Agencies. Supriem controls the Entertainment Industry as well. Once they Nationalize the banks, they will institute the Supriem [TV] Network..."


Although this is a hoax, it does elucidate our situation. It makes me think of Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" where people actually went into a panic because of a realistic newscast of a Martian invasion.

Although I have always been favorable to the idea of UFO's and aliens, I now see how they could be used to justify world government. What if the news told us Supriem Rockefeller was indeed Lucifer with super powers, the result of prophesy and alien-human cross breeding?
(And I thought Barack Obama was cast for this role... )

The Illuminati watchword is "Believe what i tell you, not what you see." The occult is all about smoke and mirrors. Prophesy cannot be verified and tends to be deterministic. All the more reason we should believe only what we witness and scrutinize ourselves. We need to make common sense the final standard. We should be guided by our innate sense of what is natural, honest, just, healthy and wholesome.

Supriem David Rockefeller is a psy-op designed to test our gullibility and willingness to accept tyranny in exchange for a spurious promise of a better world. "

[Wes Penre later wrote this update to the coverage he was then making about Supriem below]

" As of April 26,2009

To all visitors! Like I've told you earlier, there is still information I haven't been able to release yet for various reasons. I hate to use this term, but in lack of a better: it is due to National Security, but this time in a positive way. Once again I want to remind you "old time visitors" of my honesty. To all new visitors, who haven't followed my research from earlier, I can only say, I have always been honest and sincere in what I am doing.

I know that there will be people who won't trust me for making the following decision, but so be it. I have thought this over a lot the last few days before I came to the following conclusion, and once I made the decision a few hours ago, I feel that this is the right thing to do:

I need to pull this blog off the Internet temporarily. It has been a very tough decision to make, because this information is very important. Nevertheless, in the scheme of things I need to keep this information off the Internet for a little while. But don't worry, I will definitely be back on this subject in the very near future when time is right.

In the meantime, please go to in a day or two for further instructions. I will shortly create a new blog which will be an extension of the old Illuminati News website and keep updating it with further research, which at this time will not directly include information on Supriem.

I look forward to seeing you there, and I am very sorry I can't tell you more at this time. If I could I would, but this decision is for the best of us all.

I will keep this blog up for another couple of hours, so most people who are subscribing to the RSS feed (and others) get a chance to read this.

More about Supriem in the near future... 

Thank you,
Wes "

Conclusion Point:

Anyone can be fooled by an extreme liar such as Supriem.


Why Was This Supriem Story Ever Labeled

A Hoax Or Conspiracy Theory,

To Begin With?

-An Attempted Ponzi Scheme From The Start-

  • The stories about Supriem were never at all meant to be some kind of a misguided elaborate mindless hoax, or a Psy-Op for that matter by Supriem's own original intent, or by any of his fictional organized fellow secret government assist cover-up agents like Supriem, or some of the popular conspiracy writers would like to lead you to believe, and whether any conspiracy writers were writing in support of the outlandish Supriem conspiracy notion or not, is really irrelevant to the case in fact, because we only need to look back to the beginning of it all, to see precisely why all of the stories about Supriem began on the Internet in the first place.
  • Supriem himself ,and other deceived followers, of Supriem's lies, only adapted too accepting the whole conspiracy theory notions, or it being an elaborate cover-up or suggesting it being something more than hoax, from the many conspiracy stories that sprang up that which initially started to  pour in from the Internet about him to begin with, which only further served to obscure the true origin of the stories by and far in the first place, although it was later mentioned briefly in some stories, nobody ever really got served a good helpful dose of the emphasized more relevant points, from the entire clear story, that they should of focused in on, to see the telling sign mechanics origin of it all, rather they were only shown the Leo Zagami letter, with one a sided, non objective, commentary accompanying it; and so the story went out of control, unchecked really from that point forward.
  • The entire tale really began when a story was released through a controversial Freemason named Leo Zagami back in late 2008, which is the very story that Wes Penre picked up on originally and then began his own reporting saga based upon it's subject matter.
  • In September of 2008 Supriem was successful at acquiring a gullible pawn, to use for doing his bidding; a man named Michael Prescott, who is apparently an occult minded Luciferian, high ranking actual 32nd degree Freemason and self proclaimed prophet.
  • Supriem had managed to convince Michael Prescott to contend for him on his behalf, by convincing him that he was in fact Lucifer in the flesh and the second coming messiah, and that being so, he in fact had a great financial proposal which was named "The Buy Sell Program" for the Freemasons, which would begin to usher in the coming of his reign, if only Michael Prescott would assist him by bringing his financial offer to the Masonic fraternity- that he is part of,  and Michael Prescott unwittingly took the bait; agreed, and did exactly just that.
  • At some point in Michael Prescott's campaign for Supriem's financial proposal to fund the Masonic fraternity; made contact with another notable 33rd degree high ranking Italian Freemason; whom is also a now known controversial figure himself named Leo Zagami, who then at the time, was presumed to have some measurable pull with the Illuminati, thus he was a fellow Mason & logical choice to make a presentation too, by Michael Prescott, after all he was promising them millions on Supriem's behalf right.
  • Well in the shuffle of Michael Prescott's now very well known published exchanges with Leo Zagami, Supriem himself sent an email to Michael Prescott, that he alone had wrote himself, asking Michael to forward it to Leo Zagami; which was as follows:
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 18:42:59 -0600
From: Supriem Rockefeller
To: Michael N Prescott
Subject: Re: “Buy Sell”

Forward this to them-

" As you may know, the Vatican has been hiding the truth from the public about the Messiah.
They have implanted into the public’s mind that Jesus was the Messiah, which they know not to
be true. The word Vatican means ‘House of the Serpent’ which the Pope even has the Serpent on
his chest plate and he carries the Sun staff, the symbol of Marduk Ra.
I was Marduk Ra but became Amen Ra once I was sentenced into exile. Amen just means ‘The
Hidden One’.

They pledge their allegiance to me by placing the obelisk in St Peters Court inside the Sun Circle
surrounded by the Celestial Cross.

The German order called ‘Thule Orden’ and ‘Vril Society’ know who I am, n fact, they found
me after they had access to the Vatican’s vault and read about me. The text form [sic] 2026 BC
said ‘In the Second Coming, he will call himself ‘Supriem’ and come from the west’. No matter
how you spell Supriem or Supreme, it is still SPRM. They even saw drawings that looked
exactly like me.

They told me that they knew I was Lucifer, the Son of G-D, leader of the 12 Elohim and keepers
of the D12 Stargate. Marduk Ra was just one of my names, I am the same life force as YHWH,
Samech, Moloch, Azazel, Lucifer and the Supreme Deity.

It is time for my rule again, thus those who are against it will perish. In fact I have the ability to
end Earth as a planet if I see fit. The time is around the corner for my rule, Heil Imperium!!
The Thule wanted to test my DNA, so I allowed them because I knew they were important to my
alliance. They found that I do carry the Triple Helix Blue Blood of the Elohim. In fact, I have
more than one DNA sequence.

They knew that my several thousand year exile ends in 2009 (according to the 12/60 frequency
in which I was sentenced, not the 13/20 frequency).
I have more than one DNA sequence because I am born of both Elders and Ancients (Serpent or
Reptilian). I was given the DNA sequence of the REAL Trinity – Baal, Astarte, Tammuz – all
into ‘One Male’ – Lucifer – The True Messiah.

2009 is the Second Coming, the exile is over. I have several races, not from Earth, that I lead and
they are waiting on me. I have an army of multi- dimensional beings that are subservient to me.
[These are the Alpha Draconis REPTOIDS and the Orion Group REPTILIANS.] We use magical
rites to control the invisible world affected by the three dimensional world.

We have a technology that no one can stop. The ramifications of this technology used as a
weapon are something out of a science fiction movie. We have to ensure that this technology
stays within our working group. Someone could use this to disable aircraft from 400 miles away
and there is nothing to trace, it would just look like the aircraft had a system failure and
plummeted out of the sky.

Someone could use this to disable any alarm system, create a financial crisis by aiming at a stock
exchange, someone could start wiping out every satellite in constellation and leave zero trace of
what, where and how this happened. The 400 mile range is minimum, it can be increased via
plasma antennas.

In fact, I have drafted The Allied Union constitution which is a policy making organization that
unites 220 countries under one flag with an entirely digital universal currency called the ‘Allied
Unit’ that works over the ‘Supriem Network’.

The ‘Supriem Network Plan’ is attached in this E-Mail. To answer a question, someone asked
me about how do you get every country to comply?

Simple, first it will be obvious that this is the only way society in the future will prevail and if
that is not enough, have you ever seen the movie ‘The Day Earth Stood Still’? The story maybe
fiction but the warning and technology is real. Let’s say ‘Country Orange’ did not want to
comply, now all of the sudden their country’s defense system and major economic institutions
are paralysed by something they don’t understand or cannot figure out but they were warned in
advance so they know who is controlling it.

 This is why I say it is imperative this technology

never gets out of our hands, it is the ultimate weapon of a silent [endless] war.
What we have here is not a morality tale of right and wrong, good or evil, it is simply an
ultimatum to the countries– “You either comply with us for a more efficient and proficient
society or you won’t have a society. “

My group, which consists of former employees and some currently employed by various
Intelligence Agencies and my own group based in Germany with Russian and Nordic sects, and a
vast presence in South America and Antarctica, are wanting to speak to Lockheed-Martin about
incorporating this technology on their satellite constellation so the entire globe would be
covered. We can offer them a partnership.

If one satellite 300 miles above the Earth were retrofitted with one of our antennas, you could
disable any electronic device in Northern America via an EMP effect. Our knowledge is based in
Resonant Frequency and we have mapped the tonal range of Earth’s frequencies including
gravity and how to detune and change oscillation of X, Y, Z axis.

Same principal behind the resonant tuning of point A to point B for an envelope effect of
collapsed time-space, creating something similar to what you call a ‘Casimir Effect’ and
understanding the ‘Impossible Space-Time Transition’ of 2×10-33 cm, 10-43 seconds. Sorry,
can’t really translate equations in email.

Our ‘Vril Power’ is synergistically combining Gravity Units (GU) at positions specified by the
coordinates (x1, x2, …) and (u) – a process in time, can be thought of as a matrix-valued
function of dimensionality (n1, n2, …) U=(ux1×2…) (n1, n2, …).
If the status of a gravity unit varies as a function of time then, at any given instant, a ’snapshot’
of that gravity unit at that instant in time would be ui=u(ti).
You will first have to understand Gravity Units (GU) and Knowledge Units (KU) combined with
Time (T) and its frequency in which you resonate.

Our concept of TIME undoubtedly presents new ideas which are unknown for you. First of all
we cannot regard Time as a dimension or continuum, as you do. It is not that time is quantified,
but one cannot conceive a moment as a point on the axis of time.

The interval dt, although it can tend towards zero, could never be perceived as small as we would
like to. There is another aspect to this question we wish to underline.

You consider that the highest speed a sub-particle in the cosmos can reach is 299,780 kmph
(speed of light) and you regard this speed as ‘constant’. This is not a poor measurement. Indeed,
it is this same speed that we recorded within this same three-dimensional framework, but all one
needs to do is change framework or three-dimensional system so that this limiting Speed changes
remarkably up to the point where the only reference which can reflect the change of axis is the
measurement of this speed or constant, C. I would have to get into the detail traveling using
Resonant Frequency at another time, to complicated for email.

Back to my original topic, it is imperative that your group is our partner to keep under wraps for
our working group, it doesn’t cost you anything to be part, we are not asking for money. We are
going to cover the planet’s ground and sky with this spectrum, an artificial ‘aether’ if you will. I
was also presented with an opportunity from the Russians, I was told Putin was the original
source, for us to buy up an entire stockpile of CU 63,65 which you may know is used for
satellites and in weapons.

Eglin AFB tests the SFW (Sensor Fused [sic] Weapon) which use copper as its main munition. I
would like to have talks with Lockheed asap for partnership discussions.
As you can see with the news and its status quo, everything is lining up to usher in the ‘Supriem

Let’s also talk about the returns I can bring in through our ‘Buy Sell Program’, if you think it is
an absurd amount on the return, you have nothing to lose to find out the truth. Like I said, we
never touch your money, all we need is the proof of funds to proceed and the money never leaves
your bank. This is a great way to be autonomous and self-funding to exclude external auditing.
This technology I offer must always stay in our own working group that we will put together.
We are about to reshape the world. The ‘Supriem Network’ will soon be the only way for
financial transactions and communications. It connects the entire planet.

Democracy has failed and it is time to show what One Ruler with a strong team backing him can
do, I know you are with me. Michael Prescott is my right hand man, so you can continue
working through him at this juncture, I will step in as the situation progresses.

Supriem Samech Marduk Ra Lucifer (Finally Redeemed) Head of the True Elohim, God of
Victory and Son of the Creator, G-D. "

(...Blah Blah Blah.....You get the idea of Mr.Supreim Rockefeller's big talking here.)

  • This is why the first outlandish conspiracy stories- then later on investigated found documented court records about Supriem all began to surface, right here stemming from this letter, which was just a backfired failed attempt on Supriem's part to scam Leo Zagami while using his then, new found pawn, Michael Prescott to help him do it, he always uses an unsuspecting third person, because he always leaves a way out for himself with room for denial.

  • It is important to note that Supriem will tell you the most outlandish lies, but then in the same breath, if he has too, also points out the fact, on how crazy the other stories about him may seem, but only to use it in his denial of defense, for him saying it in the first place. But telling the greatest lies, is his nature and it throws off many unsuspecting people, who'd otherwise never suspect to encounter a liar of such an immense caliper.
  • Once Leo Zagami had received this outlandish ridiculous email from Supriem, via through his then proxy, Michael Prescott, he had heard enough, and he had verified through his sources that there wasn't anyone from the real Rockefeller family dynasty; who had even ever heard of Supriem whatsoever, and so he then decided to let the story go public through one of his writer friends named Philip Jonkers, who only reluctantly agreed to write about Supriem on Leo Zagami's behalf, because of how ridiculous it sounded to begin with.  
  • It was also pointed out at the time by one of Leo's financial advisers, that the deal Supriem was proposing; was in fact an already well known business deal, listed on the Internet everywhere and available to any qualified entity through a legitimate broker to purchase medium term notes at a premium, However it was later discovered that this is also a well known front approach to initiate a Ponzi Scheme , and Supriem's response to that revelation, was that they were lying, and they would all be black balled in the financial realm; should they ever attempt to push this kind of offer through for themselves, what a likely response for someone trying to build a pyramid scheme.
  • Once the initial story broke from Philip Jonker about Supriem, it was too late for Supriem to take it back, so he contemplated the severity of it, biding his time and then later on spun it for all it was worth thereafter, with the support of the continuing stories that began afterward with Wes Penre taking the bait and began writing about Supriem, in a conspiracy theory manner of reporting the related Zagami affair.
  • After the story broke, Wes Penre picked up on it, and then began to support it's notion of being true with his own writing about Supriem, and that only served to help Supriem mask it all, as much as possible, by feeding into it, with his own words fed to Wes Penre through a made up phantom person provided by Supriem named Brad Pruit, even while knowing, all he had said before was untrue, and just originally part of his elaborate scheme, to scam the Freemasons.
  • Supriem did not like the attention that this brought to his fake Rockefeller name, after all his very name is a tool that he depends upon to make his way through his scamming life. We can now see that all the other stories that surfaced about him on The Internet only went to serve his cover-up scam attempt and have probably protected him to some degree ever since.
  • So you see that the stories about Supriem just didn't begin with conspiracy theory but rather in the midst of a failed scam attempt, the stories were not just born from outlandish claims alone, but were fostered in with such kind of claims by Supriem's own words and doing.
  • Nobody just made up that letter to Leo Zagami falsely accusing Supriem of writing it, what would be the sense in doing that? How would anybody of even known who Supriem was? 
  • Supriem made this false statement above that I quote from: "....The German order called ‘Thule Orden’ and ‘Vril Society’ know who I am.....They told me that they knew I was Lucifer...." This is just another lie made by Supriem, as The German Thule Society never said that at all according to my correspondence with them directly, in their very brief and unfortunate encounter with him, Supriem had only then learned about the triple Helix DNA aspect; which he later exploited as his own brain child by incorporating it into his string of following lies.  Thule now reports to have nothing to do with him at all anymore, even by Supriem's now known own said statements; he claims no association with The Thule Society, Supriem has no links to any Secret Societies for that matter, nor is he a member of any.
  • Supriem also made this Thule Society related statement quoted from his letter to Zagami above: "...The Thule wanted to test my DNA, so I allowed them because I knew they were important to my alliance.... They found that I do carry the Triple Helix Blue Blood of the Elohim. In fact, I have more than one DNA sequence...." This is another very well now known lie, it is the Thule society that has by there own long established belief, the Vril machine, which is in conjunction with activating Triple Helix DNA which they are well known to be connected to; in their doctrine, Supriem just stole the whole Triple Helix DNA idea from the Thule Society, to fit his whole politico, guru, Lucifer, messiah, persona; it's not even his own brain child, it's so very easy to see where that specific told lie of his came from; he just conveniently borrowed it from the Thule plain and simple, Supriem never even heard of the term "Triple Helix DNA" before he learned that The Thule Society was connected with it, Supriem's false TH-DNA claim has been confirmed, to be in complete contrast, with the Thule Society account of the real story, but remember Supriem is not a man of small lies, so it's no surprise he told this one.

  • Nobody just pulled Supriem's name out of a hat and decided write that letter to use it against him, not a chance in hell, he did it himself, the motive is clear and speaks for it self, Supriem wanted to make lots of money, but failed, and got caught attempting to do it by his own told lies, plain and simple, end of story.
  • Leo Zagami couldn't of had any kind of ulterior motive to report Supriem's attempt to scam them, he had no other reason to expose Supriem, he didn't even know him prior to the report, why would he even have wasted his own time for no benefit at all?
  • Nor did Michael Prescott, have any obvious red flag, ulterior motive, or apparent logical reason, that would have made him just out of the blue, decide to use Supriem's name at random, and fake the letter himself, none whatsoever, he obviously had to know Supriem, and was communicating directly with him, during that time period, to have forwarded this letter from Supriem; to Leo Zagami, by Supriem's request.
  • Supriem continues to have a vested interest, in letting the stories about him continue to ride in the conspiracy theory blog scene; and largely in part because it is not focused on exactly why the stories which surfaced about him began in the first place, because those stories reveal his true motive and nature from the start, and he'd much rather mask that reason, by drawing attention away from it with conspiracy blogs & articles.
  • Once this revealing true story broke; all Supriem could have wished and possibly hoped for; was for it to go away, or better yet be twisted with other compelling outlandish stories that would aid in covering it up for him.
  • The reiterated point in being is that this entire Supriem BS saga didn't intentionally at all begin by a "Hoax", that word wasn't even in the equation of intent, but in reality, by his failed attempt to deliberately scam the Masonic fraternity, and that's a truth most stories don't highlight enough in detail, to make a person understand that; that is truly the beginning of it all, as far as Supriem is concerned; it's better for him to save face hiding behind the stories, to say the least, as it only just conveniently morphed into the notion of a hoax/conspiracy theory, due to the conspiracy coverage.
  • These testimonial facts recorded here from the past 2008 Leo Zagami affair, and it's whole subsequent following chain of events, which led to Leo Zagami reporting his story about dealing with Supriem, reflect, the tell all revealing insight of Michael Prescott & Leo Zagami, whom apparently in fact had direct interaction with Supriem either face to face, or from many conversations with him over the phone, and that helps us to better understand the real nature of the con man Supriem truly is- unlike the conspiracy writers, who are severely handicapped lacking this kind of needed experience, to tell it how it really is.
  • No matter how Supriem carries himself today, in whatever way, form or fashion, this is how he was trying to scam for profit, in the Summer of 2008, on into 2009, so I don't just think, he just turned over a new leaf, and now lives an honest life, I think we can safely say, that this is what the man is capable of lying about, he would lie about anything to make some kind of gain or profit.

When The Conspiracy Notion Of Supriem Is Put Into Context,
The True Picture Painted Just Speaks For Itself,
none of this ever began as a conspiracy theory.


More Confirmation Of Supriem's Real Name Leaks Out In 2010
From One Of His Very Own Former Friends
On The Disclose TV Forum

This statement was made by one of Supriem'/Kris' own former best friends named Jaden, whom at the time, was trying to only distant himself from Supriem, due to the then unpopular mention of his name in conjunction with his, so he wanted to make sure there was no current association between Supriem and him. Jaden is also the most likely first inspiration Supriem had, that fostered his hearts desire for wealth; by him learning how to scam the financial industry in his discussions with Jaden, learning the lingual and tricks of the trade, Jaden's early influence of the money management industry on Supriem was paramount, no doubt, which he later would use in conjunction with some of his now known scamming.


Posted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:02 am

" Dear patrons,

I'd like to take the opportunity to clarify a few issues regarding myself specifically and this topic in general which were made in the underlying post.

I do manage funds, and mix at clubs and parties on occasion. I am American, not Swedish. I am nonetheless partially of Swedish ancestry. Consequently I happen to share a surname with a Swedish royal family. Because my family was materially well off and enjoyed some degree of social affluence, some people have speculated that we were related to the Swedish nobility of the same name. However, I have never seen any evidence which seems to suggest this is the case other than the circumstantial facts mentioned above. I do not personally believe that this is the case. I wouldn't call myself a "fluent french speaker". On the contrary, my French is quite coarse and is probably on par with an average 5-6 year old francophone. I do not feel compelled to have my education, work history, or previous employers posted on the internet. It's my personal information and more importantly, not relevant to the main "story". I'd like to have my personal information removed from the posting. If anyone has any objection to this suggestion I'd like to politely request that they express their objection here. If no one has any objection and the consensus is that the request is found to be reasonable, I'll ask the moderators and/or owners to edit the post accordingly.

As for Kris- Yes, we used to hang out . I last saw him about 5-6 years ago. We have spoken infrequently since about 2002. I was enjoying the festivities and I'd had a few drinks when I spoke with who I can only assume is "hellothere" in New York. I did say roughly what was quoted, although I hope that the context is apparent. I am not, and have not ever been involved with Kris in any financial or vocational context. We never undertook any business venture together. Merely discussion and the exchange of ideas. I have also certainly not taken part in any "endeavor" he's been a part of in recent years.

As for the alleged allegations by Kris and/or Kris fans that I am actually the law firm representing the Rockefeller Family Offices, am the author of the letters they issued, or am somehow behind the legal efforts of the Rockefeller Family legal counsel. These claims are all unequivocally fictional. The law firm does exist. They contacted me some time before this was posted on the internet. I immediately informed Kris. Initially he told me that it wasn't actually a law firm, and they weren't actually lawyers representing the Rockefeller family. He said that it was all a big hoax. The next time I spoke with him he decided I was lying and that I had never spoken with anyone. Some time later, the letter was posted on the internet, including this site. The letter is from the same law firm that I had previously spoken to who claimed to represent the Rockefeller family. That's more or less the synopsis of my involvement with this issue.

Thanks for your time and attention. Again, if anyone has any objection to my personal information being removed please discuss it with me here. Otherwise, I'll follow up by asking the moderators to edit the posting accordingly. Thanks again.


Jaden "


  • He clearly states the name "Kris" in this statement he made, simply because when he knew Supriem back then, his name was still Kris, as in, Kristopher Alan Raynes.
  • The name "Kris" is a very unique spelling of the name, which is otherwise commonly spelled as "Chris" so this isn't a different person he's talking about, he's speaking in a forum that has to do with Supriem which in turn relates directly to Kristopher Alan Raynes which is Supriem's real name.
  • He clearly mentions that he manages funds, which is most likely the prelude to Supriem's latter undertaking of working that industry in the scamming fashion he knows today.
  • The clear motive here for this statement is that, this man is clearly only trying to distant himself from Supriem for the sake of his own name, not being mixed up with one of his former best friends Kris Raynes, I don't think this is just some random person making it up, he just wants to not be associated with the controversy surrounded around Supriem/Kris, I can't really blame the guy.
  • The amazing thing is that, one way or another, in this case it is the name Kris used, that all the similarities, and/of/or, witness statements, made about Supreim, all just seem to link up, in someway, form, or fashion with Supriem perfectly.


The Fictitious Early 2009, 500 Million Dollar Entertainment Industry
"Pump And Dump" Stock Scheme
Guaranteed Business "Venture" That Failed

-The Evidence Only Continues To Stack Up-

 The now infamous 500 million dollar entertainment industry guarantee business "Venture" from early 2009 that failed to make any money, stemmed from yet another fake press release made by Supriem and his then ally; Kinti Mining LLC, which was itself only just another fake front company used to make this whole attempted scam happen.

There was much fuss made about Supriem's press release, made in his typical, use the free press release fashion, and how ridiculous it then all seemed and in fact turned out to be.

In this segment we will break it down for you in simple explanation as to see what exactly was attempted to transpire here on Supriem's pump and dump stock  scam attempt.

Later on after the Temple Institute scandal that directly followed this scam made Israeli news, Supriem would deny that he had any blame, in his usual normal fashion of denial for this press release and the Temple Scandal, and he denied any further ties to Kinti Mining still existed.

  • In Early 2009 a press release was made that solidified Supriem's supposed ties to the main stream media entertainment industry, which later proved to be only an embarrassment in the following whole Temple Institute scandal, here is the press release that was issued by Kinti Mining:


" December 17, 2009: 12:01 AM ET

Kinti Mining's (OTCBB: KMLD) President Richard Byrd states the following, "Our business partner and majority shareholder, Khangolov Resources Inc.'s President Frank Love has hit a Once-in-a-Lifetime opportunity for our Company and its shareholders!"

Khangolov Resources' President Frank Love states, "We are going into the Entertainment Business in a huge way. I have now partnered up with Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller, a financial magnate with strong ties to the entertainment industry.

"Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller's entertainment empire bonds include leading companies in the industry. One such company is a multi-faceted, world entertainment entity combining all aspects of the entertainment and media industries including, but not limited to, the production and marketing of music, publishing, musical artists, concerts, brands, as well as custom media delivery components. With over sixty years combined experience in the entertainment and business worlds respectfully, Supriem's management team has acquired the knowledge, experience, and contacts to quickly catapult the organization to a leading role within the new digital entertainment and media universe.

"The company has made a huge splash into the market place with an exclusive USB stick design for The Beatles. The drive is shaped like an apple, made entirely of metal, with the core of the apple being the actual USB stick. It contains the entire Beatles' music and movie catalogue as well as behind the scenes, never before seen videos and photographs. The content is all high definition quality and the Beatles USB component is the "only" USB device in the market capable of these specifications. Negotiations are already underway with other superstar acts (Such as The Beach Boys, The Michael Jackson Estate, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd, etc.) for similar products. There is also a live recording division, where a concert can be filmed, recorded, and made available for attendees within moments of the concert's conclusion. However, the design is not limited to musical artists. Several movie and television studios, including Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., and Walt Disney, have approached the company about developing custom product designs as well. Due to its high definition capabilities, the company is becoming a dominant brand of choice for the entertainment community's royalty. In addition, the company contains an artist management division as well as a music production entity. With members of management working closely over the years with some of the biggest stars in the world (Kenny Rogers, Tina Turner, Elton John) as well as all the major record labels (EMI, Sony/BMG, Universal, Warner Bros.), it was an easy decision to correlate these endeavors into the company's infrastructure. And these efforts definitely coincide with the USB stick division as well."

Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller states the following, "The possibilities and revenue streams for the company is almost an endless situation. The plan is to dominate market share which will, in return, provide the financial rewards the company and its investors desire. This company is on a fast track to success with no sign of slowing down. The opportunity is now with no time to waste. [Buy Stock!] We look forward to working with Frank Love and using Kinti Mining as the vehicle to hold the assets."

Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller also informed us that he will back the entire deal with a $500 million Signature Guarantee from his personal Bank and Trust company, to include the account number and deposit balance.

S.D. Rockefeller Holdings. Ltd. is a private asset management firm with over $1 trillion under management [ Yeah right] which provides a wide range of services to a substantial and diversified client base, which includes corporations, financial institutions, high net worth individuals and select governments.

Khangolov Resources President Frank Love further states, "I am currently negotiating a consolidation of our mining assets".

Kinti Mining Lmtd. has 50 million shares that are issued and outstanding that trade under ticker symbol KMLD.


Kinti Mining Limited, trading symbol KMLD, is a mineral exploration company with an overriding focus on uncovering and assembling undervalued resource properties or companies. With such inventories it expects to build stakeholder wealth through the public markets, along with being able to offer, other public companies, properties on a wholesale basis in exchange for a combination of company stock and/or cash. Kinti is now venturing into the entertainment industry to increase shareholder value.

Kinti Mining Limited
Richard Byrd
President/ CEO

  • As it was already proven in the above provided Delaware State Corporate registry records, that S.D. Rockefeller Holdings was a voided canceled LLC since 6/1/09, it also showed it never had any stock value whatsoever, also with a delinquent tax billed owed, and this press release was made in December of 2009

  • Here is an interesting quote snip-it from the above press release : " Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller also informed us that he will back the entire deal with a $500 million Signature Guarantee from his personal Bank and Trust company...."  According to The State of Tennessee verified court records already provided above in this report, Supriem defaulted on paying his Capital One Credit card bill, in the amount of a mere $1367.00, which resulted in a financial civil judgment entered against Supriem and his credit report in September of 2009, yet by December he must of struck it rich somehow and made the 500 million dollars that this press release states that he was putting up to back the deal with Kinti Mining, does that all make sense? Or perhaps was it just Supriem working in his usual deceptive fashion, I think common sense here tells the true motive of that Press release "Pump and Dump Stock Scam" all the way.
  • If they were licensed to market the Beatles music catalog in any USB device it would have reached major entertainment music industry media news without a doubt, but that never was the case, or ever happened, and that fact alone debunks these fictitious press release in itself.
  • Now with this snip-it in mind from the above press release: Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller states the following, "The possibilities and revenue streams for the company is almost an endless situation. The plan is to dominate market share which will, in return, provide the financial rewards the company and its investors desire. This company is on a fast track to success with no sign of slowing down. The opportunity is now with no time to waste..." [He's saying; buy our stock fast!] Let us examine the mechanics of it all below, in case you are unfamiliar with the definition of a "Pump And Dump" stock scam.
Kinti Mining The Anatomy of A Stock Scam:


" Is Kinti Mining a stock scam? That’s what I intend to prove.

First let me define what a stock scam is all about. A stock scam involves a bogus company. Usually the stock trades on the pink sheets.  The company puts out bogus news to make the stock price go up, called the pump and dump. Before we go any further we need to establish some definitions. Which will be helpful to you as you read this article.

  Pink sheet Quote, informally known as the Pink Sheets, is an electronic quotation system operated by Pink OTC Markets that displays quotes from broker-dealers for many over-the-counter (OTC) securities. These securities tend to be inactively traded stocks, including penny stocks and those with a narrow geographic interest.[1] Market makers and other brokers can use Pink Quote to publish their bid and ask quotation prices. Starting in 1913, and prior to the creation of the electronic system in 2000, these quotes were printed on pink colored paper by the National Quotation Bureau. The term Pink Sheets is also used to refer to a market tier within the current Pink Quote system.
The Pink Sheets is not a stock exchange. To be quoted in the Pink Sheets, companies do not need to fulfill any requirements (e.g. filing financial statements with the SEC). With the exception of foreign issuers, mostly represented by ADRs, the companies quoted in the Pink Sheets tend to be closely held, extremely small, thinly traded, or bankrupt. Most do not meet the minimum U.S. listing requirements for trading on a stock exchange such as the New York Stock Exchange. Many of these companies do not file periodic reports or audited financial statements with the SEC, making it very difficult for investors to find reliable, unbiased information about those companies.
For these reasons the SEC views companies listed on Pink Sheets as "among the most risky investments"[citation needed] and advises potential investors to heavily research the companies in which they plan to invest.

From Wise Geek Stock Scam: The most common penny stock fraud is the Pump and Dump. A small group of speculators will accumulate a large number of shares in a penny stock. Once their positions are in place, they will release positive financial porn, news so unexpected and titillating it can drastically affect people's perception of the stock. The intent is to get small-time investors to start trading irrationally. The news is almost always false, but before this is discovered, the price of the stock often skyrockets and the original speculators exit with large profits.

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary Assay: to analyze (as an ore) for one or more specific components.

With those definitions in mind, let me introduce you to Kinti Mining. The following is what I have learned about Kinti Mining.

      1. The company first traded on the pink sheets in the US on December 17th, 2009
      2. They have 50 million shares outstanding with 80% of the shares being held by a few insiders.
      3. The company’s web site is hosted by a free web site hosting service    
      4. The company’s CEO and President is Richard Byrd. His company email address is a gmail account.
      5. According to their web site they have no board of directors.
      6. Their largest shareholder is Frank Love, who is CEO and President of Khangolov Resources Inc. This will be important later.
      7. Another character is Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller. More on him later.
      8. Kinti Mining is a mining company incorporated in the State of Delaware but with its head office in Mississippi, where the CEO, Richard Byrd, resides.
      9. They have one mining property located in Guyana, South America, which as far as I can tell has never been assayed.

With all the above kept in mind. Lets take a look at the time line of this stock scam.

Kinti Mining traded on the Frankfurt exchange from May of 2008 until May of 2009 under the symbol A11.F . Trading was halted on the stock on May 28th. In July all their management resigned and Robert Byrd was appointed CEO.

On November 26th, 2009 a domain name was registered. All information about the domain is unavailable from This domain is currently parked and has several links regarding penny stocks.

Then on December 17th, 2009 Kinti Mining begins trading on the pink sheets in the US and they have their first press release, which was covered on Unfortunately it has been deleted from CNN but you can view it via google cache.

All their press releases are available here. Now lets look at an excerpt from their first press release on their first day of trading in the US on the pink sheets. 

Kinti Mining's President Richard Byrd states the following, "Our business partner and majority shareholder, Khangolov Resources Inc.'s President Frank Love has hit a Once-in-a-Lifetime opportunity for our Company and its shareholders!"

Khangolov Resources' President Frank Love states, "We are going into the Entertainment Business in a huge way. I have now partnered up with Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller, a financial magnate with strong ties to the entertainment industry.

The company has made a huge splash into the market place with an exclusive USB stick design for The Beatles. The drive is shaped like an apple, made entirely of metal, with the core of the apple being the actual USB stick. It contains the entire Beatles' music and movie catalogue as well as behind the scenes, never before seen videos and photographs. The content is all high definition quality and the Beatles USB component is the "only" USB device in the market capable of these specifications. Negotiations are already underway with other superstar acts (Such as The Beach Boys, The Michael Jackson Estate, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd, etc.) for similar products.

Wow! A mining company is getting into the entertainment business. Talk about thinking out of the box! But wait it gets even better with this excerpt.

Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller also informed us that he will back the entire deal with a $500 million Signature Guarantee from his personal Bank and Trust company, to include the account number and deposit balance.

S.D. Rockefeller Holdings. Ltd. is a private asset management firm with over $1 trillion under management which provides a wide range of services to a substantial and diversified client base, which includes corporations, financial institutions, high net worth individuals and select governments.

Looks like they are announcing they have found a sugar daddy. Who is this Supriem David Rockefeller, who has $1 trillion under management? Well to find out about Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller you must go to this link entitled “Supriem Rockefeller – Messiah or AntiChrist?” written by Wes Penre. Be forewarned it reads like a science fiction novel. Just to wet your appetite here are few of the less outrageous claims about him from the web site.

His full name is Supriem David Rockefeller, a 34 year old man who says he is Marduk Ra and Lucifer redeemed, the Messiah the world has been waiting for and the Bible has been telling us about.

According to himself, after thousands of years in exile, he has now returned in the body of Supriem Rockefeller, but has redeemed himself. Instead of bringing the world to its knees and fulfill the End Time Prophecies, he has decided to save the world he once had the purpose to destroy. Upon all this, he is also the Jewish Messiah. When he visits Israel, he is treated like a God.

The Thule wanted to test my DNA, so I allowed them because I knew they were important to my alliance. They found that I do carry the Triple Helix Blue Blood of the Elohim. In fact, I have more than one DNA sequence.

In fact, I have drafted The Allied Union constitution which is a policy making organization that unites 220 countries under one flag with an entirely digital universal currency called the ‘Allied Unit’ that works over the ‘Supriem Network’.

We can’t find out much about Supriem’s holding company and his other businesses is because they are based out of Switzerland. His Trust can open an account under its own name at one of the big banks in U.S. so he can deal directly with the Federal Reserve. He also works closely with the Federal Reserve of New York, Bank of England, ECB (European Central Bank) and the Bank for International Settlements. So his offshore banks have their own accounts in with the Big Banks in U.S. and they are called “Auto-Charge” accounts.

Is he telling the truth? And is Lucifer really equivalent to Satan? If not, then who is he?”

Ok, now that you are back from that trip, on the first trading day, December 17th the stock jumps from 1 penny to 10 cents before settling at 5 cents at the close. Not a bad for the first day of trading, up 500% in one day. On Friday December 18th the stock goes down and closes at 3 cents.

On Monday morning December 21st Kinti Mining issues their second press release announcing a 2 for 1 forward stock split. Remember this stock has only been trading for 2 days prior to this press release. Here is a excerpt from the press release:

President Richard Byrd states the following, "I feel that at this juncture a 2 for 1 forward split of our common stock is warranted due to the incoming $500 Million valuation from our recent business transaction with Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller.

The increased valuation coming, with just 50 Million authorized shares, I felt our shareholders would run into liquidity issues, so I have instructed our Board of Directors to effect this change with a no later than date of January 31, 2010.

They are using “liquidity issues” as an excuse to have a 2 for 1 stock split. Huh? At the time barely 0.1% of the outstanding shares were trading on daily basis. Even with 80% of the shares being held by insiders that leaves 10 million shares floating around. And that’s still 0.5% of the float out there. I see no liquidity issues at all. What I do see is them hyping the $500 Million number in an effort to pump the stock so they can dump it. $500 Million divided by 50 Million shares means each share would have a cash value of $10. A far cry from the 3 cents a share market value. Alas, the press release only succeeds in driving the stock price to 5 cents before it once again closes at 3 cents a share for the day. And remember Kinti Mining doesn’t have a Board of Directors.

One week later on December 28th Kinti Mining issues another press release announcing that Khangolov Resources has assigned their equity position in Palisades Petroleum to Kinti Mining Ltd. And Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller has joined the company.

Richard Byrd, the CEO of Kinti Mining Ltd., Is extremely pleased to announce that Khangolov Resources has agreed to assign their large equity position in Palisades Petroleum to Kinti Mining Ltd. This will make Kinti Mining Ltd. the largest shareholder in Palisades.

Frank Love, the CEO of Khangolov Resources, states, "I have assigned Khangolov's equity position to Kinti Mining Ltd. so as to consolidate my mining assets. In addition, I wanted to confirm to the Kinti shareholders that I will make Kinti Mining into a conglomerate housing many different successful projects under one umbrella."

Richard Byrd further states that he will finalize the record date for the 2 for 1 forward split previously announced within the next few weeks.

The management team also wishes to welcome Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller to the company.

So the largest share holder in Kinti Mining Frank Love, CEO of Khangolov Resources gives Kinti Mining all his stock in Palisades Petroleum. Who runs Palisades Petroleum? Let’s find out. From a press release on September 22nd, 2009 by Palisades Petroleum it is announced that none other than Richard Byrd has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Palisades Petroleum. Wow! Talk about an incestuous relationship. Richard Byrd is now the CEO Kinti Mining which now owns a large equity position in Palisades Petroleum, a company were he is also the CEO. But wait it gets even better. Palisades Petroleum in another press release on the very next day announces that they are entering into a joint venture with Kinti Mining. Excerpt from press release:

Richard Byrd, CEO of Palisades Petroleum, is pleased to announce that a Joint-Venture has been entered into with Kinti Mining Limited on an adjacent gold property in Guyana.

Palisades Petroleum's property in Guyana borders Kinti Mining's property. The Agreement provides for Palisades to mine the property in exchange for half of the net production of gold and diamonds. In addition, Kinti will become a minority shareholder in Palisades.

So we have 2 companies Kinti Mining and Palisades Petroleum with the same person as CEO of each company in a joint venture and one company is a minority shareholder in the other. Then we have Frank Love the largest shareholder in Kinti Mining assigning his equity position in Palisades Petroleum to Kinti Mining. Is your head spinning? Mine sure is. The joint venture involves adjacent properties in Guyana. A look at the Palisades Petroleum web site and you find no mention of any property in Guyana. In fact according to their web site Palisades Petroleum is strictly a gas and oil company with no mention of any gold exploration. The only mention of a gold property in Guyana I could find was in their press releases on September 22nd and 23rd. Khangolov Resources also claims to have a mining property in Guyana located on the Mazaruni River Basin. Both Kinti Mining and Palisades Petroleum purportedly have mining property located on the Mazaruni River Basin. Are they all claiming ownership of the same property? What are the odds that all three companies have mining properties in the same Mazaruni River Basin area? From the Kinti Mining web site we find a google map picture of their purported mine location.

This is definitely looking like a stock scam but let’s continue anyway.

On January 6th, 2010 Kinti Mining releases yet another press release stating Supriem David Rockefeller will build the entertainment division and Robert Byrd will focus on acquiring royalty producing oil and gas interests. Presumably through Palisades Petroleum which according to their web site had $21 in the bank as of June 30th, 2009. These royalties will be used to fund the mining operations in Guyana. Are you laughing yet? I am. Robert Byrd also states the time is drawing near for the 2 for 1 stock split. On this date the stock is trading at 0.6 cents a share. Stock split? Are you kidding me?

While Supriem David Rockefeller builds our entertainment division, which promises to be extremely exciting and lucrative for both company and its benefactors, I will focus on bringing in immediate value to the company. This will be accomplished through a series of acquisitions of royalty-producing oil and gas interests.

Six days later they issue another press release. And this one takes the cake.

President, Richard Byrd, states the following, "Exciting offers are flowing in concerning the purchase of our Gold Property on the Mazaruni River Basin in Guyana, South America. We have offers ranging from joint ventures to build a headquarters and barracks to commence development of the property, to outright purchase requests ranging from $100 Million for partial plots to upwards of $1 Billion in Cash, Stock and combinations thereof for the entire property. These offers are coming in from wealthy German businessmen, certain oil and mining cartels in Brazil and Venezuela, and several well known mining companies with interest in expanding their local operations. We will continue to study any and all offers"

Kinti Mining President, Richard Byrd also states, "I have been approached to re-examine our pending 2 for 1 forward split. We have been contacted by a Securities Law firm well suited to take Kinti Mining to higher trading boards. This law firm deals with taking companies to the NASDAQ trading board. Coupled with renewed interest in our Gold and Diamond property and the commencement of our Entertainment Division, I will take the time to discuss at length with our Securities Team the pros and cons of up-listing and responsibilities required by NASDAQ listing standards."

Now offers for a joint venture to build headquarters and barracks in the middle of nowhere. “Commerce development” of a property in the jungle. Come on, Man. Offers of $100 Million for partial plots and $1 Billion for the whole property. The property has never been assayed. How can anyone believe these claims? You’d have to be an idiot blinded by greed to believe any of this. Six days after announcing a stock split is practically imminent, they are going to re-examine it. You don’t announce a stock split is coming soon and less than a week later have second thoughts about it. They also claim to have been contacted by a securities law firm that deals with taking companies to the NASDAQ. First off, law firms don’t contact companies unsolicited about taking a company to the NASDAQ. If you contacted a securities law firm about taking your company and listing it on the NASDAQ with a stock price of less then 1 cent they would hang up on you. The minimum requirement to be listed on the NASDAQ is your stock price needs to be above $1. Kinti Mining’s stock price would need to increase almost 17,000% to even be considered for listing on the NASDAQ. These grandiose claims are what stock scams are all about. At the time the stock price was bouncing between 0.6 cents and 1.2 cents a share.

On January 21st, 2010 another press release from Kinti Mining. Are you beginning to notice a pattern? They are issuing press releases about every week. This is all about hyping the stock. But this press release contains some bad news.

President, Richard Byrd, makes the following statement, "This communique shall serve, interalia, to confirm that Kinti Holdings and prior thereto as Kinti Mining Limited has 100% disassociated itself with the misrepresentations concerning the recent entertainment venture. Due to recent unforeseen circumstances surrounding the entertainment venture, it has come to our attention that third party associates failed to provide the necessary due diligence that we required regarding the USB Stick operation, of which Kinti has no ownership. This also negates the need for the bank guarantee."

Kinti Mining Limited President, Richard Byrd further states, "On a better note, we are pleased to announce exciting developments concerning our Guyana Gold and Diamond property. We have been approached by a Columbian mining company which supplies rare metals to a Satellite Company. This mining company wants to fully develop our property as a hedge against the purchase of base metals in the open market that is required to satisfy their customer's demand when the mining company's production quotas are not met.

Kinti Mining Limited President, Richard Byrd also states, "The two for one forward split is being pushed back until liquidity escalates."

Oops, there goes the entertainment division. But now there is a Columbian company that wants to develop their property for rare metals. When did rare metals come into the picture? First it was gold and diamonds, now it’s rare metals. Are they making these press releases up over beers at the kitchen table? And now they are postponing the 2 for 1 split until liquidity escalates. The original explanation for the split was concern about enough liquidity. What he was addressing was 20,000 shares was the average daily volume at the time. What I can conclude at this point is these people are idiots.

Right on time January 26th, 2010 another press release. I will discuss the following excerpts from this press release.

President, Richard Byrd, makes the following statement, "I wanted to take the time to discuss the lack of liquidity of our common stock. Currently Kinti Mining Lmtd. which trades on the grey sheets under ticker (KMLD), has only 50 million shares authorized, issued and outstanding. Of that, approximately 60% (30 Million shares) is held by our majority shareholder, Khangolov Resources Inc. Another estimated 20% (approximately 10 Million Shares) is held tight by corporate friendly shareholders. Due to the fact that we are not on the pink sheets, we do not have a dedicated market maker servicing the market in (KMLD) common stock. Thus our basic stock chart is extremely volatile. I plan to change that by filing a 15c2-11 very shortly and bringing Kinti Mining Lmtd to the "Current Information" status with Pink sheets."

On the grey sheets, oh my God. This proves their previous press release regarding being contacted by a securities law firm was balderdash. No securities law firm would ever talk to a company trading of the grey sheets about listing them on the NASDAQ. The grey sheets are full of companies that are nothing but scams.

Kinti Mining Limited President, Richard Byrd, also states, "As you know, we have been through a few ups and downs recently but I assure you we are still dead square on target with our plan to bring great value to Kinti Mining Lmtd. and its loyal shareholders. Our proof is in the shares outstanding. You can look at the basic chart for Kinti and what you will not find is dilution or dumping of corporate stock. What you will find is a great company building a fantastic future for itself and its shareholders. Had I moved forward with the 2 for 1 forward split, we would have ended up with the exact same share structure and exact same liquidity issues. Basically, our majority shareholder and Board of Directors knows that Kinti Mining has massive potential in the very near future and they are just not willing to lose their combined grip on the common stock at this time. Also, as President of Kinti Mining Lmtd, I have not sold a single share of my personal stock since I believe in the company's bright prospects."

No dilution or dumping of corporate stock? There’s no market for the stock. If this is not a stock scam then the people running this company at best don’t know what they are doing. Great company? I beg to differ. Board of Directors? According to their web site Kinti Mining has no Board of Directors.

Kinti Mining has been in talks with a Colombian Mining Company. They were impressed with our gold and diamond project located in Guyana as explained in the previous Press Release. We are negotiating the terms in which to get the property into full production. Details will be provided once we have finalized an agreement. Richard Byrd comments, "This is extremely exciting since it will allow us to bring immediate cash-flow into Kinti and have the financial backing of a well-established mining company".

What gold and diamond project? They own a mining claim that’s it. They don’t have any money to start or develop a project. If they are going to allow this Columbia mining company to get this property in full production then what are they going to have to give up? Furthermore, how are they negotiating? Face to face or via email. It’s only been five days since this company first approached them and they are already negotiating terms. No time to get to know one another. What about their joint venture with Palisades Petroleum to develop their adjacent properties?

Now the press releases are coming fast and furious. On February 1st, 2010 they issue another press release. If the last one was surreal then this one is outrageous. Read this excerpt.

Kinti Holdings Group (OTC.BB:KMLD - News)a division of Kinti Mining Lmtd. President, Frank Love, states the following, "Kinti Holdings Group, President and Directors, Frank Love and Supriem David Rockefeller recognized a need for commercial funding of debt acquired by major brand name corporations during this current depression. With many banks and lending institutions unwilling to loan money to these corporations, a backlash effect has caused many brand named national chains to simply go out of business."

Frank Love further states, "Almost every National brand name corporation has been affected by the recent financial crisis facing the Nation's economy. Corporations like Bennigan's, Steak & Ale, Foot Locker, Ann Taylor, Linens'n Things, Sharper image, and Bombay have all been effected by the recent down turn in the Nation's current economy crisis. Some of these corporations could have greatly benefited from our current plan."

Frank Love also states, "Kinti Holdings Group is prepared for the immediate swap of debt for equity to any major National name brand corporation needing urgent funding of its debt, in exchange for the subsequent and substantial proportion of ownership, equal to the value of debt within that corporation". A sense of urgency is required as this will be on a first come first serve basis. Your corporation must verify it has the ability to be an on-going concern within its market.

A company with very little money and Supriem David Rockefeller, a reputed billionaire are offering money to companies to pay off their debt for an equity stake in the company. They stipulate that the company must prove it is a viable concern within its market. A company that trades on the grey sheets and hasn’t published any financial information about their company at all makes this stipulation. They must all be taking LSD or something. If Supriem David Rockefeller were indeed providing the money for this then why wouldn’t he make this offer with his company, S.D. Rockefeller Holdings Ltd. Why use a mining company with little or no assets as a front for this offer? It doesn’t make any sense. These press releases appear to be the work of a self-promoting egomaniac.

Their final press release at the time of this writing was released on February 3rd, 2010.

Kinti Holdings Group (KMLD) (OTC.BB:KMLD - News), a division of Kinti Mining Lmtd., President, Frank Love, states the following, "Kinti Holdings Group is now conducting due diligence of a Major National Brand name chain company and is ready for the immediate transfer of debt for equity should this prove fruitful. At this time I feel it's imperative to enter into a mandatory quiet phase as we attempt to possibly consolidate these two corporations which will chart our course for a very possible prosperous financial future."

Frank Love also states, "Kinti Holdings Group is prepared for the immediate swap of debt for equity once our securities team verifies this Major National Brand name chain company has the ability to be a going concern within its vast market and its various stakeholders accept our terms. This will include, but not limited to, verifying their corporate financial statements utilizing a forensic accountant. What this means for our current shareholders, should we precede with this deal, is an immediate and substantial increase in Kinti Mining Lmtd. & Kinti Holdings asset value. In addition, this will force us to a much higher trading platform and we will have to become a reporting issuer. At this time, I am now seeking a NASDAQ-qualified CEO, CFO and COO with experience of being a director in a publicly traded company. I will retain a corporate head-hunter to affect this change while I move our current leadership to the Board of Directors. Our Securities advisors have recommended that we allow the current structure of the Major National Brand name Corporation to remain intact and that we should seek a name and ticker symbol change that more reflects the melding of our two companies should we proceed forward. Upon exiting this quiet phase, we will do so via a press release on a Friday after the closing bell that will encompass the entire melding of the two corporations so, when we emerge, we start off the new week as the new venture thus not disrupting the current market. Basically, this means that if you want to be a part of our growth, you need to decide before closing bell on a Friday in the next few weeks. At the same time that I announce our emergence from this quiet period, I will instruct our transfer agent to identify all current shareholders to establish a record date.

Kinti Holdings Director, Supriem David Rockefeller, states the following, "Kinti Holdings will be raising funds to go towards building the Third Temple in Jerusalem with strict coordinance with The Temple Institute, Rabbi Chiam Richman and the Palestinian National Interest Committee (PNIC). In addition, we will be supporting Husam Bajis for President of Palestine. Prince Husam Bajis and the PNIC support our mission to build the Temple and to create a One Israel-Palestine state."

Lastly Frank Love states, "Kinti Holdings financial support of the Temple Institute has been under the name of Frank Love. Future financial support will be listed on the "Donors Wall" on the Temple Institute web site under the name Kinti Holdings as this better reflects our commitment to the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple.

Wow that was fast. 2 days after issuing a call to all major brand corporations to swap equity for debt via a press release. They announce they have a taker. These corporations have lawyers. And with lawyers you can’t get anything done in less than 2 weeks let alone 2 days. These corporate lawyers would want to know everything about Kinti Mining before making any proposal to swap company equity for money to pay off debt. Additionally the press release states that the Major Brand Name Chain company and Kinti Mining will be merged into one company. I can assure you no major brand company would ever even entertain the idea of merging with another public company with little or no assets, trading on the grey sheets and having never made public any financial information about the company. And Kinti Mining is going to use a forensic accountant to investigate this company. Hope that accountant doesn’t go any where near Kinti Mining or his head might explode. This press release was designed for one thing and one thing only. And that is to bamboozle greedy idiots into buying the stock before it supposedly takes off to the moon. But it had no effect. A company trading on the grey sheets has no market maker and therefore it is extremely difficult to buy the stock. This press release was released at 12:01AM on February 3rd. At 11:55PM on Febuary 3rd Worldnet Daily released its news story “Will Rockefeller build 3rd Temple?”. And things start to crumble.

Based on their press releases, they are concurrently negotiating with a Columbian mining company regarding their Guyana mining property, negotiating with a Major Brand Name Chain company to swap equity for debt, acquiring royalty-producing oil and gas interests and raising money to build the Third Temple in Jerusalem. How do they find not only the time but also the resources to do all this at the same time? They are saying all this without realizing how absurd it really sounds in the hopes of pumping up the stock price.

On February 9th, 2010 Kinti Mining, on its own web site and not through a press release puts out the following announcement. And it’s a whopper.


Kinti Mining (KMLD) announces removal of Supriem David Rockefeller from Kinti Mining Limited and Kinti Holdings Group

LEXINGTON, MISSISSIPPI, Feb 09, 2010 -- Kinti Mining Limited's(KMLD) (OTCBB: KMLD) President, Richard Byrd, makes the following statement, “This communiqué shall serve, inter alia, to confirm that Kinti Holdings and prior thereto as Kinti Mining Limited and Kinti Holdings has 100% disassociated itself with Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller and all of his misrepresentations. Due to recent unforeseen circumstances surrounding Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller, it has come to our attention that the before named individual has made threats of physical violence to myself and Kinti Mining Consultants and, therefore, is removed from the corporation as of February 09, 2010 at 17:00 hrs. Eastern Standard Time. In addition, Mr. Rockefeller has failed to provide the necessary due diligence that we required regarding the USB Stick; the $500 million bank guarantee; and his alleged ties to the entertainment industry."

Kinti Mining Limited President, Richard Byrd states, “I want to personally apologize to any individuals threatened or hurt by Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller. This apology extends to our Brokers, Consultants, Bankers and all of our Shareholders.”

Kinti Mining Limited President, Richard Byrd also states, “I want to take this time to remind all shareholders of our recent exciting developments that still includes an entertainment division, an oil & gas royalty division and a gold mining division in Guyana, South America."

So Kinti Mining has said good-bye to Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller using rather strong language. Accused him of misrepresenting himself and making threats of violence to the “good” folks at Kinti Mining. But Mr. Byrd says they still have and entertainment division. Really? In a press release dated January 21st they disassociated themselves with the entertainment venture. As far as I could tell, Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller was their entertainment division.

Let’s put together the situation as it now stands. There are 3 interconnected companies involved here. Khangolov Resources, Palisades Petroleum and Kinti Mining Ltd.

Khangolov Resources only assets it “claims” to have are Russian Sludge Oil ponds and a Guyana Mining operation. No financial information is available for the company. It appears to be a privately held company and I would assume at this point consists of one person Frank Love. On this web site, which is a free service of google, he doesn’t even bother to mention that Khangolov Resources owns 60% of Kinti Mining. Or the company has or had a large equity position in Palisades Petroleum.

Palisades Petroleum claims to have a natural gas property in Montana and a Guyana Mining operation. They are a publicly traded company on the pink sheets, symbol: PAPT.PK. The Guyana mining property was purchased in early September 2009 and they claim it will be a producing mine in early 2010. But I know it takes years to develop a mining property before it begins to produce. As of June 30th, 2009 they had $21 in the bank. Where are they getting the money to purchase the equipment to develop the mine? Richard Byrd is the only name under their Management/Directors link. The majority shareholder is now Kinti mining based on previous information.

Kinti Mining claims to have a Guyana mining property as well. Khangolov Resources or Frank Love owns 60% of the outstanding stock. So in reality Frank Love calls the shots at Kinti Mining. Kinti Mining is the majority shareholder in Palisades Petroleum. So Frank Love controls Kinti Mining and Kinti Mining controls Palisades Petroleum.

We are left with 2 characters Frank Love and Robert Byrd since our mystery man Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller has left the building so to speak.

Frank Love is CEO of Khangolov Resources, President of Kinti Mining Ltd and the largest shareholder of Kinti Mining with 60% of the stock. He had a large equity position in Palisades Petroleum until he assigned it to Kinti Mining, which he essentially controls.

Robert Byrd is CEO of Kinti Mining and CEO of Palisades Petroleum. As CEO of Palisades Petroleum he reports to himself since he is CEO of Kinti Mining. How weird is that? He supposedly lives in Mississippi and runs a company with assets in Montana and Guyana and a company with assets in Guyana.

At this point it is safe to conclude that Frank Love and Robert Byrd are the only people that have any association with these 3 interconnected companies. Without a doubt Kinti Mining and Palisades Petroleum are stock scams.

But wait there is more to this story. On YouTube Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller responses to the February 9th news release by Kinti Mining on their web.

I certainly agree with Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller that Kinti Mining needs to be investigated for fraud. But whether he has the influence to call up the FBI and get an investigation started immediately remains to be seen.

Wes Penre, who wrote the “Supriem Rockefeller – Messiah or AntiChrist?” e-book sent Frank Love the video link of Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller’s response. Wes publishes Frank Love‘s response on his web site here. Look for the entry dated Thursday, February 11, 2010 on the web page. Below is Frank Love’s response as posted on the web page.


thank you for the video link. Steve Wilner does excellent work producing these.

Regarding SPRM and 666 [meaning Prescott, Wes' comment], I can understand the threats they are sending, I too have saved every email, ect… ect… from SPRM, Michael Prescott and Steve Wilner. But unlike them, their secrets are safe with me. I have no beef with them. I can tell you several things that are absolute truths.

#1. SPRM is the real deal. This I know first hand. I will leave it at that. He has my full support to complete his mission with no interference from myself.

#2. Michael Prescott …aka… is working hard to become the prophetical 666 and just might achieve this goal, I have seen a few things that suggest he will succeed.

#3. Steven Wilner, producer of the videos for SPRM and 666, is very professional and has a bright future, I wish him well.

#4. Kinti mining is a real company with real Gold assets in Guyana awaiting initial funding to commence Gold recovery operations plus there is alluveal Diamonds as well, as our property intersects a Huge Kimberlite pipe.

#5. There are no frauds being committed by myself, or Kinti Mining, we are simply a little mining company with a huge asset looking for funding to commence operations. To prove this fact just look at KMLD stock chart, there has only been approximately 5 million shares sold since its inception and all of that is between .0001 of a penny to .012, we are talking just $5K to $60K and 90% of that was from the old Kinti team that I took the company over from. Although the chart shows Kinti did hit .10 one day, that was all day trader action as at that current time our stock was held as A11 on the Frankfurt Exchange and not KMLD on the pinksheets so no KMLD stock was sold that day. This is verifyable from our broker.

#6. Richard Byrd is the President of Kinti Mining Lmtd. and the Kinti office is his home office. Reason being is our properties are in Guyana, South America and Borkeshstan, Russia. It would not make since to have 2 offices in 2 different countries when the Company President resides in America.

regarding Kinti Mining press releases, If, but very doubtful, Kinti mining feels neccesary to respond to these allagations, then it well in Press Release only.

Thanks for the link to the video,

Frank Love

Interestingly Frank admits that the Kinti Mining office is located in Richard Byrd’s home. He even has a Freudian slip "But unlike them, their secrets are safe with me." Indicating that they are revealing his secrets. This has been a very interesting article to research. Many twists and turns it has taken. "


  • I think this explanation sums up the character of Supriem Rockefeller.


One of Supriem's Latest Phantom Organizations

Quantum [Dharma Blue] 

Just one of Supriem's newest most recent fictitious organizations, that he's now promoting on his facebook page to be up and coming, is named "Quantum [Dharma Blue] " Supriem just doesn't simply give up on his tactics, he seeks to advance his scamming/social self image agenda and one way of doing it is by forming another fake entity, which he will most likely refer to as a third party, independent "secret" organization, that he's only connected with of course.

So let's examine the origins of his new phantom organization more in depth, to see if we can find an obvious pattern.

Supriem in the past, has used his phantom "Air Force insider buddy " via email of course, which is actually his own alter ego posing as a USAF officer named "Brad Pruitt", to inform Wes Penre that there is a "Secret" government organization that handles all space alien traffic on Earth, the movie "Men in Black" comes to mind. Perhaps there really is some kind of secret government organization out there that handles UFO phenomenon etc. but I think I can assure you that it has nothing at all to do with this, or a high school drop-out, con-artist named Kristopher Raynes.

So seriously this new phantom "Quantum [Dharma Blue]" is just a mere spin off of his previous lies, he probably understands that some people might remember reading about this so-called "Dharma Blue", so this is his way of asserting yet another false "mystique" aspect about himself that which can never be verified just like everything else he's ever lied about, oh what mystery it is!

I think it's safe to assume that this Quantum [Dharma Blue] doesn't really exists of course; any more than his bogus fake S.D. Rockefeller Holdings did, which now for some reason, since it's been debunked to be a fake company from it's inception, and is currently under "void status" according to confirmed Delaware State records, he just doesn't mention it anymore, I guess that's why there's now something else, as expected, finally popping up on the radar, it appears that when one of his lies are debunked, he just simply reforms his lies into yet another, maybe a little time will pass in between them, but one thing for damn sure is, that he always loves to play the part of a big time important wealthy person, who has some kind of ties to the governments of the world or UFO's etc., in short, it's easy to spot that his new lies are usually just a derivative of his previous lies, a new spun web of lies from the same old obvious category that he told before, and that pattern of his known profile of lying so far remains absolutely consistent.

You have to recall all the other aspects of this report which reflects his sociopath profile, in order to see and know, that Supriem has a very obvious established pattern. One thing he counts on, is using the Internet as his catalyst, to create the illusion of grandeur about him; something out of nothing, so by one of his already well known patterns that he always eventually follows, he creates fictitious companies/organizations, right out of thin air, then he posts it somewhere on the Internet and attaches his name to it in some way, and usually, but not always, he pretends to have nothing to do with it's inception, rather he pretends to be only associated it; it's much more convincing that way if you think about it, also remember another one of Supriem's known patterns is to always leave a way out for himself by way of denial, thus he is crafty with his words on how he will claim any association with any phantom entity, there's always an excuse or a reason why he is innocent when he gets exposed.

When you examine the mechanics of his lies under scrutiny, it just makes perfect sense that he'd rather use the internet to imply something, than lets say for instance talking about it in a conversation. He'd much rather have someone on their own find his planted lies on the internet; be impressed and intrigued by it, and maybe ask him about it afterward, because when you think about it, that methodology of planting deception has a far greater chance of taking root and deceiving, rather than trying to plant it with only his smooth spoken words, and Supriem knows it, he thinks about ways of deception, like we need to breath air. this is one way he lies.

Since his many fake free press releases have all been debunked, he probably won't be using that method for awhile, it is just too easy to debunk if he does, and he knows it, so he is now more than ever, utilizing his facebook page to build up his image, and potential to fraud, in some way, form, or manner. He is an absolute think tank on ways to deceive, he will find ways to exploit the lies of deception he can plant there sooner or later, but that's alright, because we are an absolute think tank on ways to expose him, until he is brought to justice.
Nothing about, or related to Supriem is, or ever has been verified to be found true, but rather all of it has been proven to be not true, that is in itself just another established pattern of Supriem Fakefeller, nothing about him can ever be corroborated except for his deceptive debunked past. 
I would suggest doing the paper trail research on this so called organization, once it is fully announced to exist, and I am certain you will find as many dead ends of information, such as lacking a verifiable traceable website etc. and/or location for offices.

This is one endeavor we will follow closely and report on, we will follow anything he attaches his name to, and investigate it to the limits via many various channels of investigation.

We will update you on this subject matter as our relentless investigation continues.

Update 1/16/11

  • Since we reported to debunk this phantom organization "Quantum [Dharma Blue]" formerly listed as his employer on his facebook page, Supriem has predictably removed it from his facebook page, and replaced with yet another phantom entity named " C O S M I C", we won't lend much ear to this latest phantom organization that he has newly posted unless something merits more attention to it.



The False Rockefeller

Rockefeller Impostors Like Supriem 

Have Been Around For A Long Time.

-A Detailed Look At Other Rockefeller Impostors Who Got Caught & The Common Similarities They Share With Supriem-

Supriem David Rockefeller / Kristopher Alan Raynes 

 In this segment of the report we are going to look at some other examples of different men, who like Supriem, were also Rockefeller impostors that got caught. There are some important things to point out here,  now days that there has been so much other negative attention attached to the name of Supriem Rockefeller, Supriem tends to shy away from making any direct claim anymore that he is a member of the true prominent Rockefeller family, although he had originally said on numerous recorded occasions that he is in fact connected to David Rockefeller Sr. and he claimed he was adopted into the Rockefeller family to be secretly raised by them.  All those lies were debunked by a statement released by the Rockefeller family attorney.

 But it is important to point out the specific similarities between Supriem and these two other Rockefeller impostors, I will highlight the points I am going to explain about following from the below statements in Red underline text. Another thing to point out is that these men didn't have the shadow of all the negative Internet attention like Supriem has on his face, but nonetheless it is no surprise to see the same characteristic traits they all share as Rockefeller Impersonators.

 I'm sure Supriem to this day has close friends who might revere him as someone of great importance, a wealthy businessman, or perhaps they may think that he is a true Rockefeller, and so was the case with Christopher Rocancourt, whom we will be looking at first, here is a man, that was able to not only successfully pass himself off as a real Rockefeller, he was also able to convince very wealthy educated people from the Hamptons in Long Island,NY. to give him hundreds of thousands of dollars, just by using his charm on them, which eventually led to him getting caught and convicted, put in prison to serve his 3 year sentence, then deported back to France from whence he came.

 The point is that Christopher Rocancourt was so skillful, and he knew how to just talk his way into the hearts & bank accounts of his many victims, and these people were not dumb people, but he was able to convince them that he was someone that he was not, you would probably think that the wealthy successful socialites would be more savvy at detecting a phony but they too just fell victim to a good con artist like anyone can, it really doesn't surprise me that Supriem today has some friends that choose to ignore the truth about who he really is in exchange for his charm & never ending mouthfuls of pure lies that spew from his lips, some people may be genuinely deceived, while others are just willingly ignorant, and to them, it is easier to sell them a lie, then it is to give them the truth for free.

So lets take a look at these reports below.

Christopher Rocancourt  / Rockefeller

" This police mug shot shows Christopher Rocancourt of France, who was wanted in the United States, Switzerland and France for allegedly swindling people out of cash to fund his extravagant lifestyle, and who will face more charges in Canada, police said 27 April 2001, one day after charging him with fraud. Rocancourt jumped bail in the Hamptons, New York state, USA, nine months ago after being accused of soaking the rich for nearly USD one million while posing as a member of the Rockefeller family. 

 Perhaps the most famous was Christopher Rocancourt, a French-born con artist who convinced members of the Hamptons jet-set that he was a Rockefeller family heir, despite his French accent. He was sentenced to three years in prison for swindling his new found wealthy "friends" in New York and California out of $1.5 million.

"You'd want to hire him as your sales person," said Peter Hoffman, a private investigator who worked on the case. "This kid convinced someone to give him $106,000 in cash. That takes talent."

Rocancourt, who also reportedly passed himself off as an entertainment producer and race car driver, was deported to France after his 2006 release from prison and wrote a book about his life.

Christopher Rocancourt was born in 1967 in the village of Hornfleur, situated in the north of France.

He was given to an orphanage by his painter father and prostitute mother at the age of 9 and vowed when he left there at the age of 16 that he would reinvent his miserable past.

According to Rocancourt he traveled to Paris where he decided to pursue a career in modeling, even appearing in Italian Vogue.

It wasn’t long, though, before he realized that his talents lay elsewhere.

He traveled around Europe for a while, involving himself in forgery, until the Swiss arrested him in a jewelry heist and banned him from their country until at least 2016!

Moving onto Los Angeles Rocancourt reinvented himself again and again.

Famous people would become associated into his life – he is know to have referred to Sophia Loren as both his mother and his aunt at times.

He introduced himself to Mickey Rourke and Jean-Claude Van Damme, probably hoping to enhance the image of himself that he was trying to correct via association.

Changing like the wind, Rocancourt became a different person to almost everyone he met – a racing driver, an Italian mobster, a film producer, a prince and the owner of a mass of vineyards to name but a few.

It wasn’t only his profession that changed though – he was known at different times as Christopher Rockefeller, Fabio Ortuno, Christopher De Laurenta and Prince Galatzine Christo, to name but a handful.

Whilst in LA, Rocancourt was involved in scams such as fleecing $100 000 from Amanda Thayer as an advance for for arranging her a non-existent $4.2m loan for her company.

Buddy Ochoa gave $15 000 to Rocancourt to invest, after receiving assurances of an $80 000 return on his investment.

In both cases, Rocancourt had disappeared and changed his phone numbers by the time the victims realized something was amiss.

He even skipped out of the Beverly Wilshire hotel, leaving behind an unpaid bill of $60 000.

The scams he pulled gave Rocancourt an enviable lifestyle – he married a former Playboy playmate, Pia Reyes, and owned 2 Ferraris.

After Los Angeles Rocancourt appeared in Long Island where he began introducing himself as Christopher Rockefeller, an international businessman.

Taking money from people looking to invest in the Stock Market he would later attest that he wasn’t a thief, just that he was unable to repay due to his arrest!

Falling foul of the law once more, he skipped bail and departed for Canada, where he spent the winter skiing before finally being arrested by Mounties.

Arrested for scamming a Canadian business man out of $100 000, one can only imagine how he is spending his time in jail.

When he gets out he will have had plenty of time to reinvent himself once more, a long list of names to use and plenty of plans…. "


Lets Examine Some Of The Underlined Red Text

From The Above Report In Comparison

To Supriem Rockefeller

The Patterns & Profile of A Con-Artist

  • In this snipped quote from above it reads: "...This kid convinced someone to give him $106,000 in cash. That takes talent...."  This fact really tells us If someone can be convinced to hand over that much money, then you can count for sure, that someone can also be easily convinced that someone like Supriem is somehow really someone who is important, especially with a name like "Supriem! Rockefeller!" you have to admit that his new self chosen name and its whole ring, kind of commands respect, Thus I think most people are more incline to be intrigued without really asking him or researching it specifically about his non relation to the real Rockefeller family, but instead I am sure most people fall for the rest of the facade that Supriem exhumes with his very well seasoned charm and seemingly well spoken manner, point in case, people can be fooled for many different reasons. And Supriem, like this man is able to convince people he is something that he is not.
  • In this snipped quote from above it reads: " who also reportedly passed himself off as an entertainment producer.." well in comparison to what we have already reported about in the above reports, Supriem in early 2009 made a fake press release statement claiming to back a 500 million dollar entertainment deal with Kinti Mining, which we already debunked that claim with Delaware State Records, but the point is to notice that the exact similarity between Christopher & Kristopher is that they both liked to lay claim to having ties to the major entertainment industry, wouldn't an impostor want to make a very important image for himself? Of course, so what better way to allure unsuspecting people into believing you are part of such a industry or someone important then to make such a claim.   
  • In this snipped quote from above it reads: "he decided to pursue a career in modeling" now Supriem wouldn't have a hope or a prayer to succeed in modeling with his very challenged & receding hairline looks, but he himself as we already reported in the above text,  had made an attempt to succeed in the Rap Music industry, he gave it his best shot, but nothing ever became of it, but this is strikingly similar to the pattern of Christoper Rocancourt, they both at first gambled their luck in a legitimate field of potential fame and fortune, just prior to the other events of their lives, they both failed in their attempts, and then went on to their lives of conning and scamming people. If you can't make it, fake it.
  • In this snipped quote from above it reads: "involving himself in forgery" In this comparison, the earliest form of confirmed forgery was Supriem's very own now debunked fictitious S.D Rockefeller Holdings Global bank in the sky press releases which began to surface on the Internet in 2006. Evidence of his forgery was also seen in the Israeli news scam report published about him.
  • In this snipped quote from above it reads: "Moving onto Los Angeles Rocancourt reinvented himself again and again" In this comparison we know that as recently as of late 2009 Supriem relocated to New York, from Nashville,Tn where he lived in his mothers house, it was reported that he became a laughing stock in the Nashville social venues which he frequented, probably due to the increasingly ridiculous Internet stories about him, so he packed it up, and headed for- The Big Apple-New York City, more than likely the main reason he went there was also probably the exact same reason Christopher Rockefeller went there, an that is in NYC the Rockefeller name is very well known, and it spells MONEY & SUCCESSFUL, to anyone who hears it, so it's no wonder why they both picked NYC, after all, if Kristopher Raynes would change his name in the first place to Supriem Rockefeller! just for the benefit of the ways he has used it so far, then he certainly would relocate to make it work for him even better in a pace where his chances are greater at faking his name and social persona, but it's amazing to see in comparison how Rockefeller Impostors pattern themselves in same way and how their minds think alike.
  • In this snipped quote from above it reads: "Famous people would become associated into his life" In this comparison we have another matching characteristic, Supriem is often known to claim to be personal friends with the Bush presidential family, he also claims to have ties or know many other famous people as well, he loves to name drop big important peoples names, this comparison hit the nail directly on the head with Supriem's character.
  • In this snipped quote from above it reads: "Changing like the wind, Rocancourt became a different person to almost everyone he met – a racing driver, an Italian mobster, a film producer, a prince and the owner of a mass of vineyards to name but a few". And this comparison also fits perfectly with Supriem. In the early part of the whole Supriem stories that surfaced on the Internet, he was first Chairman of S.D. Rockefeller Holdings a supposed multi-trillion dollar Swiss trust company, then later on he was Rap Music Star, then he was Marduk Ra, then he was Lucifer, then he was a Reptilian, then he went back to being a wealthy tycoon world business man, and the list goes on and on, this is no exaggeration, or bending of the truth, he himself has made all those claims of who he is, he alone started it all, but as the quote says, he is a different person to almost everyone he meets, I have also said above, he changes his story with his every breath, to someone who is a rational thinker Supriem would just assume their take on it and deny it all, and dismiss the notion as ridiculous as the person he's lying too views it as, in short, he'll never admit he made any of those claims.
  • In this snipped quote from above it reads: "The scams he pulled gave Rocancourt an enviable lifestyle" There really shouldn't be any doubt that Supriem by now has learned his niche very well and he knows how to play his game, and how to make himself appear to be a legitimate business man, the truth is he didn't even go to college, that in addition to catching him in all the lies we have uncovered in this report should go to show, that he is an active con man, more than likely scamming his way in Short Seller Stock Schemes, Ponzi Schemes, Broker and/or anything related to the financial industry in general. he's got to be paying for all the bars he frequents nearly every day of his life somehow.
The Comparisons Are Overwhelmingly and Conclusively the Same,
It Is Easy To See The Patterns That Impostors Share In Common.



Clark Rockefeller 

" When the Rev. Brian Marsh asked a new member of his parish, Clark Rockefeller, about his famous last name, Rockefeller didn't answer. 

Instead, Marsh claims, Rockefeller showed the Cornish, N.H., pastor a pocketknife inscribed with the name Nelson Rockefeller, the former vice president and descendant of oil baron John D. Rockefeller.

"He never identified whether he was a member of the Rockefeller family," Marsh said. "But he implied a connection."

"I had no reason not to believe him."

But Marsh apparently should not have believed Rockefeller. Police and the FBI were searching on Wednesday for Rockefeller after he allegedly abducted his 7-year-old daughter during a supervised visit on Sunday in Boston.

Rockefeller, in fact, is not related to the Rockefeller family of New York, according to a Rockefeller family spokesman, and he has gone by several aliases in the past, Boston police say, including J.P. Clark Rockefeller, James Frederick, Clark Mill Rockefeller and Michael Brown.

He is not the only person to take on the historic Rockefeller name. Whether for fame, fortune or thrills, others have attempted to pass themselves off as members of one of America's wealthiest families.

Fraser Seitel, a Rockefeller family spokesman, said that while cases of such impostors are unusual, they do happen."


Lets Again Examine Some Of The Underlined Red Text

From The Above Report In Comparison

To Supriem Rockefeller

The Patterns & Profile of A Con-Artist

  • In this snipped quote from above it reads: "When the Rev. Brian Marsh asked a new member of his parish, Clark Rockefeller, about his famous last name, Rockefeller didn't answer. 

    Instead, Marsh claims, Rockefeller showed the Cornish, N.H., pastor a pocketknife inscribed with the name Nelson Rockefeller, the former vice president and descendant of oil baron John D. Rockefeller.

    • "He never identified whether he was a member of the Rockefeller family," Marsh said. "But he implied a connection."

    "I had no reason not to believe him."

  •  The biggest thing I take away from this quote in comparison to Supriem is that, first, Clark Rockefeller didn't give a damn that he was lying to a religious leader head of the church, Supriem would lie to anybody and everybody as well, and second, he employed the same tactic Supriem is renown for himself, because he didn't lie specifically, but rather he only implied by showing a pocket knife with the name Nelson Rockefeller on it, and an ex-vice president no doubt, even that sounds familiar in comparison to Supriem, quite ingenious if you ask me, his methodology and using a prop to do the lying for him tips the scale of a conniving scamming mind, just like Supriem, I think they could be related.

Conclusion Points:

Anybody could be fooled by these types of cons , they have managed to fool the best of the best, people whom you'd not suspect would be that easy to fool, either out of their money or just fooling them into believing they were someone important that they are not, they were able to successfully convince others of their Rockefeller connection, even Supriem has made many claims of the same, but just as with the other impostors, the pattern applies they simply change their story with their every breath, but just like them, Supriem too will get caught with his hands in the cookie jar somehow and someway, greed only grows, and people get more entangled in their web of lies the more they tell them, and the more they have to somehow sustain them, so you can count for sure, that judgment & great shame is coming in some future time to Supriem as well, it's a mathematical certainty.

To Be Continued...



  •  This Report Is Ongoing And Will Continue To Update Periodically As Our Non Stop Bullet Point Investigative Report Coverage Continues.
  • We Shouldn't Expect Supriem To Relent In His Many Ways Of Deceptive Lying anytime Soon, So We Will be Monitoring And Thoroughly Investigating All Of His Latest Fictitious Claims; Even If It Costs Us Lots Of Money To Do So, We Will Continue To Report The Facts That We Investigate.
  • If there is anyone out there who has any verifiable information about Supriem and would like to contribute it to this report then please email us at, we are looking for old pictures of him, his past grammar school information, witness testimony, past victims that he scammed etc.
  • It is Important to note that we step above and beyond any other person writing about Supriem by paying money for our research, combined with witness testimony from those who have known Supriem/Kris. We base our up to date findings solely on verified documented facts, unlike the popular conspiracy blog writers who do not do this whatsoever. We are providing verified ample evidence to back our findings, and we are prepared to pay even more money, no matter how much it may cost, as we go along with the valiant research efforts in obtaining verified true information that stacks against Supriem Rockefeller and continues to prove that he is nothing more than a con artist, our investigative measures are unmatched by any other persons currently writing about Supriem, we give the full story as it is, truthfully, with verified & documented evidence, so keep tuning in for the latest investigative coverage of this whole con-artist Supriem saga, only the true facts are reported here.
Disclaimer Notice:
  • At one time, author Wes Penre embraced the truths of this report, and even wrote a supporting e-book about it with this information at hand; but since then he has turned his opinion back toward the notion of supporting Supriem Rockefeller as some kind of relevant person of world importance, Wes Penre has nothing directly to do with this report being published,  Wes Penre now dismisses the facts provided in this report as "inconclusive".

Update 1/11/11

  • Apparently reports are coming in that Supriem is now acknowledging most of the compelling evidence piling up about him on the internet, however, he is doing so under the preemptive guise, that he is the victim of a smear campaign, and he just wants to let people know about it "ahead of time" before they find it themselves online. I would have to say that; that is really the best option or tactic he can use to try and deflect people finding this information about him in prejudice, it's not hard to see the mechanics of his motive for "being up front" about these reports, the truth of the matter is that these reports that expose all of his con artist ways are absolutely true, and these reports are starting to have an affect on him and his false image. If you are someone who has encountered this man do not be taken in by his charm or his big important sounding fake name, always remember his name is Kris Raynes, and the reports about his scamming are very true and not false.
  • Stemming from the pressure this new report has been putting on Supriem and how his contacts from his facebook account have been informed relentlessly about who and what he really is, Supriem has blocked off his facebook account, so we like to thank all the people who are still currently on his list that are still sending in screen shot reports, it appears Supriem is getting a little paranoid because he now uses facebook as his primary propaganda engine to self promote himself in various ways, one of them being his so called ties to the fine art industry which he is known to scam but he also uses facebook to bolster his fake "Tycoon image".

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